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Biolight Medicine


In this ever expanding company Of Biolight Medicine people of every occupation will find a place where they can excel.

So please fill out the questionnaire so we can know you better and help you find your place.

Please provide the background information on yourself with a description of who you are,  what you want for the specialty training and study programs being offered to do for you. Let us know what your good at and how your heart beats and what your passions are.

At Biolight Medicine we will only use Light at all times no other healing modalities.

The science of Light is the research undertaken and the only  approach instituted in this study.  As the basic learning is completed in the Science of Light Medicine we will learn more of the Sacral Arts for those so inclined as healers. 


Did you ever think you'd like to be a teacher ?

Would you consider training for a teaching position?

Do you to like to travel out of the country ?

Would you ever consider working in a foreign country for Biolight in missionary type positions?

Could you travel on 2 or 3 day seminars as we teach in other clinics and demonstrate Light Medicine in other states?

Do you have computer skills?                Such as?

Do you  have administrative skills?

Could you work nights 3pm - 11pm

Could you work early  mornings for elderly clients  6am- 1 pm ?

BLM Office hours should be 6 a.m. - 11 P.m. 

Many people may only work 3 session a day as a rule.  Each session can be up to 1 1/2 hours then paper work  and record keeping.  Each person hopefully will be working when their time clock serves them best for their best skilled work.


Thank you for your information it will be treated as I would want mine treated; extremely  private. 

Barbara Cook Pres. / CEO

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