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Testimonials  of 2005 - 2014  


It seems there are just to many testimonials to list and and yet many do not share thier great results online unfortunately for others who may benifit from them. Most people are so very happy to share profound healings and they just call them in.. It seems once people are well they just go live their lives better. We would never fault that.  

After th e past 3 years of retirement I am beginning to teach the training so man yothers can be well. Here are a few recent ones for 2014 .              


   Unfortunately not everyone writes in when requested to share. Thank you to those who do.


More recent testimonials

 From: Lu Jump, Maine, written in 2014

I would like to share with you some of the many ways the BioRay Light has 
assisted in my healing and my general well being! I actually use my light every 
day for one reason or another! It has helped heal deep cuts that most likely 
would have required stitches. When I broke my wrist I used it daily to help 
speed up the healing. The Doc would always say you heal very fast, when I would 
go in for progress visits. In the last year and a half I have been undergoing 
extensive dental work. (4 implants, 2 crowns replaced) I have used the light 
throughout this whole process. Again, same results as my wrist, dentist would 
always say you heal extremely fast!) I use all of the techniques described in 
your booklet at different time depending on what I intuitively feel is the best 
for the moment. I truly feel it has helped me in my all over well being! I could 
go on and on, but I am sure you can see how happy I am that the what I call my 
"my little red light" has entered into my life! Thank you Barbara!  LU.  (I am 
missing it already!! (Lu is sending Biolight in for repairs) 
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 From: Pat Qayle, Panama written in 2014
 Dear Barbara,

I want to thank you again for introducing me to the Biolight. I have recently gone through various tests, and it was determined that I have many parasites, viral and bacterial infection and more. When the testing was completed, the medical professionals could not believe that my immune system tested well into the normal range, as well as my D3 levels, especially with a blood disorder (Myelofibrosis) I have had for over 6 years,as well as a stomach disorder (Gastroparesis) I have had since March 2012. They couldn't believe I was even walking about, a picture of health  I very rarely get sick.  I told them how I used the Biolight to help boost my immune system (30 minutes each day in the navel, a minute each day between the each toe and finger.)  I have done this faithfully every year.  They were amazed  and wanted to know all about the light. 


I feel fortunate to have been introduced to you, Barbara, through a mutual friend who lives in the country of Panama where I live 6 months each year. He told me how he had great success himself using the Biolight to treat a tropical skin disease, so I sought your out the first moment I came back to Florida.  And the rest is history!

Hopefully I can take your course next time I'm back in the states and see what else I can do with the Biolight to address other health issues like the blood disorder.

Thanks again for being there when I needed you!


Marilyn Wirth / Appleton, Wis.and Marco Island

 2005 / Self treatments for  arthritis and later cancer cells

Marilyn used light for many reasons. She could not walk without much painful difficulty and was taking celebrex and did not want to be on this drug. After using light she was able to go off celebrex and begin walking the beaches again. She had severe arthritic knees and use light on other arthritic places after canceling it in the knees.

Her husband Bob also used light therapy for his legs he could not stand while playing golf without 800 milligrams of Ibuprofen. The two use light for all reasons now. Marilyn has just sent a note received 9/30/06 saying thank you,  that the spot on her hand a doctor here in Marco said was not cancer last spring was just declared as a fast growing cancer . Although the 1st doctor said it was not cancer she treated it with light anyway just to rid herself of the nickel size growth all summer long that was on her hand. As it turns out this was a very, good thing as it was biopsied in Wis. and discovered it was actually a deadly cancer with feelers but it had uncommonly contained itself and all the cancer cells had cloistered together and stayed on top of the skin instead of growing down into the hand and into the blood stream.  

Marilyn says, "Barbara I think you have one more miracle to your credit".

Barbara's reply:  thank you Marilyn for listening and learning as I was telling you of the importance of the length of time necessary to  use the light effectively. I am very glad you will be around this year to enjoy your winter in Marco, as I have become good friends with you and Bob, see you soon.

Marilyn loves to talk about light if you need to verify this testimonial.....# available upon request


Janet Sawyer / St. Paul, Mn.   Janet was visiting a friend here in Capri when I met her. Her past 18 years have been spent in pain and surgeries from a near death car accident 38 yrs. ago.  A crushed leg, back pain, spinal pain, shoulder, neck pain etc. Disability followed with no help in sight. I will let her tell you the story.  One, two hour trmt. Janet maintains her health with The Bio light using our Lightways.


Elizabeth Beven / Pa. treated Feb. 25  2005

   Her mother Vi. Phisner in Marco Island, Fl.

This is a remarkable story as well. A few tears were shed here. I loved this lovely young woman who had suffered for so long. I was so pleased she had gained health again.

 Age 50 she had black mold poisoning had taken steroids for breathing had respiratory problems, arthritis for years. Was on so many scripts that her cellular levels could no longer fight to keep her well. She was disabled and unable to work. She had severe headaches everyday. She was full of self professed anger. Along with a constant cough, congestion and wheezing……   Yahoo God.  She is so much better.    One 2 hour trmt. Her Mother reports she is out shopping for new clothes and is very well……….Thank you God.  Light is the way


Billie Hazelbaker / Naples Fl.

   Billie is this great lady older and so in shape and beautiful over 70 and sweet as anything.

She came to me because of severe vertigo. She could not sleep for fear of falling out of bed although not possible. The dizzy and unbalanced motion in her head was non-treatable. She had to learn to live with it this way was the medical conclusion after a very active rollerblading life as an older grandma who skis etc. Now after 3 sessions she is completely well. After one trmt. the dizziness was relieved and two more ensured its elimination.  3 trmts.


Larry Makimaa /Marco Island,Fl.

Problem, two surgical knees requiring surgery. Results rapid repair no surgery. Canceled the next day apt. and played golf and about everyday since has played golf..

 He has sent many other surgical knees to me for repair mostly other golfers. All who would love to tell their story and are very grateful.  Two trmts.


  1. Doug Olsen Good knee story. One treatment
  2. Bob Chemecki, Canada here in Naples. Had back surgery still in much pain weakness in the legs and pain through out the hip. Non-treatable. Doing exceptionally well 2 treatments later

To clarify WHY some of these people repaired so quickly is because

there were energy blocks or breaks in the invisible lines of chi or energy that supplies the body with life. When cut thru or damaged in other ways the body is effected adversely. Some will have operations and when there is the same pain after the operation it is usually because it was not an operable solution for the pain, but rather energy interruptions, disrupting the flow of chi thus having negitaive and often painful result;  the flow of energy  now like a beaver's dam; not enough flow on one side while backed up on the other side of the blockage this prevents un known causes of pain. WHEN the MRI'S  do not show reason for discomforts think invisible blockages in the meridians systems and an ancient form of assisitance will be necessary for balancing and evening this flow for perfect renewal.



Barbara Cook Researcher and Facilitator in Light Medicine

                                      Kennebunk, Maine and Marco Island , Florida



Bob Wirth / Marco Isle. Fl.  2005

     Bob was one of the first to visit the office on Isles.of Capri, Fl.  newly opened. He experienced remarkable results for his knees. He could not walk half a block but after the first trmt. he walked all over the golf course. He then after purchasing a portable Light Unit did his other knee himself. His wife, Marilyn was using the light also as Bob was helping me begin researching Neuropathy. His neuropathy showed slow results but it is research and we will continue. There is a bit of feeling in his foot where there was none but not enough to become excited as of yet.

His wife Marilyn treated her own knee after many years of painful walking. She too has other wonderful results about blood test becoming normal and I will allow her to tell the story if you choose to hear more.


Janis Glowatsh / Naples Fl. trmt.3/14/05

   Janis also has been in severe pain and discomfort for many years. Protrusion in the spinal cord and discs at C-4, and 5, and S-7 and 6 with numbness in the hands and Rt. arm, degenerating disc, weakness in the left side of the throat and vocal cords, and esophagus was not round but oval. Her hands and third finger was stiff. Much has improved and again the story will be better told by her.  two trmts. Janis purchased the Light unit and uses it for maintaining wellness and any troubling occurrences.



 These testimonials are but a few and many more will be added as will the more serious testimonials sighting conditions that were classified as non-treatable.

Some people were repaired in office and many more on thier own with thier own Light units.


 Cat Attacked

 July 6, 2007 3am


My 17 year old , spayed cat, Socks dragged herself in thru the pet door. (I had just unlocked it).


She was disheveled, tufts of hair all over her. She was badly leaning, her mouth was open, her tongue hanging out.  As I got down to her level I realized she was trying to breathe. A sort of gasping noise was coming from what seemed inside her body.  She fell down & she seemed to have no voice. 

She was barely breathing, I was trying to soothe her & thought she was comforted by me just being there, it struck me, she was probably going to die.  Quick I ran upstairs & grabbed the 2 lights by my bed.  I put one pointing towards her belly & held the other over what looked like a large swelling on her right abdomen.   After approx 30 minutes, her breathing was shallow but steadier.  I moved the abdomen light an inch and continued moving it every half hour or so until 8am.

I quick showered & dressed.  Gently lifted Socks into the pet container & was off to the Vet at 8:30a.  First vet, closed, 2nd vet, closed, 3rd vet aha opened at 8:30 but now almost 9a.  They had 2 emergencies already but said they would fit me in.

I continued to hold the 2 lights on Socks.

Per vet exam: Temperature: low,  Gums – white, eye membrane-white. She has air pockets under her skin (sorta feels like rice krispies), in highly tramauzied state, few superficial scratches on sides.  Lungs ok, heart has slight murmer but strong, no leg breaks ,  vet pinched back paws tightly & Socks did not react.  Vet stated that was NOT good sign, she did not have feeling in hind feet.  I stated she had stood up walked up our stairs to go to her “closet” while I was in shower just an hour ago. Vet said, well now she has no feeling in her paws due to lack of blood circulation.

Vet looked for deep puncture wound that she felt would induce the air bubbles.  She did not find.

Vet recommendation:  Immediate oxygen,  xrays , pain meds, antibiotics

I said I wanted to take her home & use the lights.  Vet stated that was not an option, it was inhumane due to her pain & eminent death by taking her home, even with everything they could do for her, the vet could not say if she would make it thru the day.  I said I wanted $$ estimate. Estimate:  $401.   I was at front counter with Socks in container, paid $61 for emerg visit & got out of there. 

Took socks to my office, put 4 lights on her for rest of day.  Home at 5:30p, gave her water she walked a few steps.  She went into her closet, I propped lights on her & continued for next couple days.  Checking on her hourly or more, keeping lights on her.

Socks used kitty litter that 1st night & ate some chicken broth.  Next day I gave her oatmeal w/ chicken broth.  Then tuna & broth.  3rd day she was on cat food & broth.


After the third day, Socks was up & about slowly.  Her light treatments are now only when I am present because she moves when I walk away.

Now July 19, 2007.  Socks has her full appetite, curiosity is back also.  She is still taking it easy but is walking around, comes when called etc.  Not quite at play level yet. Her “rice krispies” have subsided but she has a large swelling still on right side & back.