Lightways , The B.I.C. Light Corporation


Our Guarantee is simple and comes with a wellness understanding use it and it will work for you.

Please look at our testimonnials and please add yours to our message board designed for others to share their successes for you to read.

However I will mention here as I do at lectures and talks I give that the light unit never seems to work from the coffee table, the bedside nightstand or the dresser drawer. If it is applied and used you will see results. It is not a pill that you take and find relief from.  

It is a method of enabling you to balance your bodies conditions favorably.

Because the light unit is electronic it can not be returned. However before it is shipped it is inspected and an employee initials a form saying it was inspected and is fully functional and it is then delivered to you proudly. 

If there are conditions that are outside normal circumstances that may need to be addressed. I will look at them personally with you and correct what needs attention for you. 

We are pleased with your purchase and thank you for joining us in changing the future health of our nation.

At Lightways, The B.I.C. Light Corporation / Bio Light Medicine believes in righteous methods and ways to fairly treat people, each other, our past clientele and you, our new web friends and we will honor righteous claims.

Safety of the products; please note there are no known side effects or adverse reactions with our Biolight LED unit. LED technology uses a non-coherent light that does not require a disclaimer about eye saftey such as lasers. It is completely safe. With natural light healing there is never a healing crisis before the recovery. There is not pain before a mending. It just corrects what is unbalanced and repair happens. 

NASA quotes Led light is less harmful than an apirin and has 5-7 times faster healing. Isn't that wonderful ?

Many blessings,

Barbara Cook