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Brings BioLight's New BioRay Unit For Self Health

At $300.Biolight comes with batteries and self healh book / manual for continued guidance. With Tax and handling  total is $324.54 Additional information as you require upon request from Photonic Specialist Barbara Cook helping to light the way....  

Thank you for searching us out. As we improve our site, please bare with our changes and additions as the construction is ongoing and evolving to serve your needs .

Our site is about educating the buyer in the Science of Light Medicine, self health and instructing on how the body heals as much as it is in the sale of our products. The simplicity is amazing.

  Please familiarize yourself with the teaching and learning from the site so you may be a better facilitator in the use of your Biolight when it arrives to be your own health care provider. A manual/guide book of photo repair comes with your new light  written simply to be easily understood and utilized. We ask that you take time to read the manual as you begin using light for self repair. You do not need to push or use pressure when using our Biolight, merely shine it on your skin or through light clothing in the directed area to share the health.

Sincerely, Barbara Cook

                                         The Antiquity of Light Medicine Today

                       Where Ancient Medicine and Today's Technology Meet

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THE  Biolight   


   First There Was Light

This photo is a self treatment. After several surguries the crushed foot  had a wound that would not heal over. The next option was amputation. Biolight brought the cellular balance back for the bone to mend and heal.The bones were fused and the foot not amputated.

We know the physical

 body is capable of repairing itself

      and when it can no longer act and respond to rejuvenation on it's own we go back to Light.

Light jump starts the molecular systems into balance and the

aches, discomfort and cellular distortions called dis-ease can fade.

Allow the Science of Light to restore your body.

Ask me about anti aging

My photos here are at 60 years old but no aging seems to happen in all the years of light.

We know aging is a natural process but it does not have to happen today!

Invest in your health and your family's future wellness



Barbara Cook, a Pioneer in Light Medicine for the past 15  years ( I keep trying to update the years as I go back to re-read my work if you should see another number )   As of 2013,  with 15 years experienced in the the work and results behind your Biolight . I am confident  in what restores the human body's system and reversal of illness by way of Science .

                                         Good Health is not complicated it is just very misunderstood. 

Light Medicine, The Science of Health has upset the scale of dis-ease for those who have incorporated Light into the body finding just remarkable recovery. MANY NON TREATABLE ILLNESSES HAVE BEEN CANCELED UNDERSTANDING THE SCIENCES OF HEALTH.

The cellular distortions otherwise thought of as illness and disease can be  eliminated in science. The pain and damage to tissue are reversed in the science of Light. We could become very technical at this point but Light is so simple and effective we will address the technicalities in this site for the professionals that use Light.

Our Biolight unit sells here for  $299.95 and comes with a wellness understanding with the accompaning manual .  Tax and handiling total is $324.54

The mind has been deeply ingrained in sickness for too long. Our bodies have responded to what we think and believe. We know now that they our body's are not meant to be sick so we may now respond differently.

  • Divine health is a birth right.
  • I claimed mine, you can too. 

The Pain of Allergies, migraines, painful backs,  knees problems, shoulders, and sinusitis , bone spurs, fractured bones etc. can be reduced and eliminated when light is directed in a fashion that naturally restores the cell frequencies to normal. The static in the body regulates and balances the cells for self healing and offers relief. Easily and simply. Note: You acutually  do have to use it !!!  It does not work from the coffee table or a bedside stand.

               Rapid repair and harmless, what a wonderful re-discovery for the 21st century

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  $324.54 w/  tax and shipping


The Way of Light

As the years go on into the 21st century and we as a nation are more spiritual and are realizing we are not happy just having it all. That we want happiness and justified relationships as well, light can help the emotional side of life also. In stimulating suggested head points and balancing the rest of the emotional center. Depression is helped with Light.

Light cleans the blood and clears the lymph system of the chemical residue that brings dis-ease. This too cleanses the mind and regulates the paths of higher functions of the brain. Light can stimulate the emotional center of the brain reducing stress and bring balance where stress once was. 

Using light regularly our Biolight unit allows the body to over come the outside influences effecting cellular damage by free radicals .

Disease (dis-ease) a word the means distortion of the bodies nornal alignment.

Regulate this and disease is leveled and canceled...

 The Science of Light, Appreciates The Science of Health

Once we understand the way in which the body comes back to health, Light becomes the hero in your hand or mine.

We have designed our Light site to be easy enough for children to utilize who may also have to be the care givers to the family at times. In America, medical insurance is very expensive and often does not make an improvement in your health just because you have insurance that pays for testing and drugs; that does not mean the medicine it covers can help you. We also know that a large part of the population is without coverage and are sick and hurting. We also recognized that many Americans have retired the pharmological systems feeling unprotected by the lax cross check systems of safety. We know too that we have a large market of under privileged and poor in America to reach. We intend to reach them also with our  Biolight. 

Thank you for helping us fill a necessary void. One day soon we will set up a donations site so you may donate a light to an under privileged family. We are not ready to man this approach yet but has been my desire from the beginning 12 years ago and we are almost there.

Soon  we may begin the Robin Hood Institute a non-profit organization for healing All Americans   June, 2008

 Many Blessings, Barbara Cook