Light Emitting Diodes
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The Bio Lights by Lightways

The Light Emitting Diode


Our bio lights are L.E.D.

L.E.D. means light emitting diode. The indicator lights on many of today’s electronic devices are led’s. The LED comes in hundreds of frequencies but when the frequency of a healthy cell was discovered by an acupuncturist it was discovered that the body could absorb this light because LEDs are monochromatic or a singular lightwave. This changed the very thoughts on healing as never before comprehended. Now many years later and many intensive hours, years of study and personal research with a tool that does no harm, we are changing medicine and making it great.


Discovery of light emitting diodes is still fairly recent. It is also now being discovered there may be other diodes in living things.


The relationship between nerve endings and the skin is an interesting one in this context.

The skin, nerve interface, is the closest normal equivalent to the neuroepidermal junction that triggers regeneration, this may be a diode.

The Body Electric, by Robert O. Becker M.D., and Gary Selden.


Bone is discovered to be a diode like many such materials,  it requires an outside source of light before an electric currant would make it release it’s own light, and the light it emitted was at an infrared frequency invisible to us, but the effect was consistent and undeniable. (Bone semi conduction) Robert O. Becker M.D. and Gary Selden


Personal Experience:  broken left wrist, two fractures the ulna and the radius. Being left handed this presented a problem with a plaster cast for 6-8 weeks. Understanding the opportunity given for me to test finally after years of wondering if the led light would get through the plaster cast and heal the bone I was in a great deal of pain yet delighted to test my light unit in this manner on bone. I always assumed bone was too dense and that it would take too long to repair, particularly through plaster.

I was the experimenter and the results were, great, unknown to me at this time that bones were diodes the x-rays 7 days later revealed remarkable healing as if 4-5 weeks had passed. Seven more days later x-rays showed again outstanding repair in that the cast was removed and not necessary on the 16th day after the original break. 


Other note of interest:  Being unable to use the left hand at the time of the break and having limited experience in the left brained world or using the right hand, I found I became more right brained pleasingly so. Life is more orderly right brained and smoother. This too was a good opportunity test and to develop the other side of the brain that seems to kick in with the use of the right hand and vise versa. Important information for awareness I believe.


 This same author, scientist had concluded that Osteoporosis comes about when copper is somehow removed from the bones. It is possible that this could result from a change in the overall electrical fields throughout the body or from a change in those surrounding the body in the environment. 

Recommend, a proficient Energy Dowser to release and organize the energy fields in your home, grounds, sleeping area for your personal needs.


As the Nation’s interest and methods of physical body repair is ever changing, we do not suggest you stop seeing your doctor but help educate them to other effective ways of helping their clients and friends.  As doctors' lives are so busy in medicine, that much of which is not taught at Medical Universities may escape the notice of some while others embrace such understandings  


The earth is ever changing and we all work together to create a loving human spirit in health, wealth and love for our planet.  We are building a bridge to today’s medicine from ancient science to create health and well being creating happiness.  We are glad to share this journey with you.


Have more interest?  I invite you to read Becker’s book The Body Electric.