Understanding Lightways


An Understanding of Acupuncture with Light by Barbara Cook


As a pioneer and specialist in the Science of Light, normalizing cellular tissue in the human, animal and plant body, I will share my humble work as the last 10 years have shared with me.

It is well known today, the oriental success in treating the body's health needs by regulating flows of energy called Chi.  My work has brought me to a great understanding of the magnetic energy that runs through all living things - plants, animals and humans. The East for 6000 years has understood how energy regulates the body's harmony. They have termed this energy Chi. The Japanese call it Ki. The Eastern Indians (India) call it Prana. The Maya call it Gaia, and Luke Skywalker calls it The Force.


In the teaching and practice of acupuncture we are taught early of the magnetic grid that surrounds the body, the earth and all living things. I call it the God of all things. I also understand that God is many things to many people and that most humans have God in their understanding. It is reported that 85% of Americans have faith in God. I speak of it often so just fill in the word you use for God in its place, if you need to say Universe or name the force something other. It is all God to me.


Back to health….

When the body is perfectly balanced and the flow of Chi is consistently nourishing the cellular makeup of the anatomy, there is wellness in the mind. When this energy is disturbed and becomes off balance, it manifests as illness in the physical and or mental manifestation. Quite often it reflects that if our emotions are off balance causing unresolved stress like heart ache, ongoing worry, or fear known or unknown will have its negative effects. Unresolved anger is another good example of being off balance.


As a Reverend, I say, this is not of God. This is when we should sit in his cupped hands and say "you do it". I am lost without your guidance. Take this from me. I know it is an illusion that makes me less a person of whom I wish to be. 


Then have faith that while you see only one set of footprints in the sand it is when the best of the work is being orchestrated for you. Trust and rise up to the emotion that shows that you trust. Smile at others, better yet go help and assist others while you are being assisted. Do not sit and wait, take action help others when you need help. In that all is being put well. This is called faith. Not many can do this but those who can, have miracle stories to tell and rejoice in.


Back to Light Medicine:

The very basis of Acupuncture is the understanding of this human energy field and its connection to the completeness of the human. The greatest part of acupuncture today is identifying these energy points, the entrances to the inner body that networks through our mind, body, soul.


The Light Difference

Acupuncture, as you know it, uses needles. A much accepted practice today and, may I add, finally accepted by most health insurance companies in America. You have likely also heard of acupressure which is a self treatment using pressure on these acupuncture points for stimulating or sedating Chi in the body.


When using light you do not enter the body invasively like acupuncture or use pressure, termed acu-pressure, but with light.  Photons of energy enter the body, acu-light.  Being monochromatic light, a singular wavelength is accepted like the sunshine harmoniously orchestrating nourishment to the cells and repair begins.  Repairing altered patterns of energy imbalance assists the cell's own blueprint for repair as science states possible. How remarkable the human body functions under its own perfect design.


Have you not ever wondered why we have openings (points) in the body that are light accessible?  It is for God's healing light to nourish the cells and tissues that automatically access and update the biological system for rejuvenation via the sunlight - all done in nanoseconds. Nano technologies are now just surfacing yet the process of such has been demonstrated since time began because this is the purest of sciences that heal people that were put in place as guardians of the planet. How are we doing?


In the beginning there was light - for a reason. We are light, we are photons of energy biologically. In all of the high-tech medicine of today nothing has repaired the human form in a non-invasive way such as light that continues to do no harm.


The energy point entrances allow me as a Light Specialist to reach the meridian system, a network of bio-magnetic pathways that run through all living things, the life force.


Science says we are light; we are a network of photons and molecules vibrating at particular frequencies which affect the cells that properly maintain the carriage, the body and the soul of us. When life force energy i.e. Chi, Prana, Gaia, the Force, is out of balance, it will manifest as illness. It has been proven in science as the main reason for the chi to become off balance again causing unresolved negative emotions to bring dis-ease to us physically.


What Light can do through acupuncture pathways is to clear the meridians of any non-beneficial blockages and allow the even and intended flow of Chi so that each cell is served. 


As a light specialists we have learned that if the body becomes balanced but the emotional overload continues unresolved, the dis-ease will return. So we, as Light Specialists, are aware there is more to healing the body than just the physical aspect previously thought by medical sciences.


So, ……from traditional Acupuncture that uses needles to stimulate the body's harmony to Light as a non- invasive modality assisting the body to heal itself, we find light because it found us first and nourished us from soul to cell. 


Unlike traditional acupuncturists, with light no extended learning is necessary.  We are merely using God's pathways of light, these same light paths that the sun has used since the beginning of time to mend and repair. It is the purest avenue for human health.


The Light will allow the body's own knowing to either stimulate or to sedate the flow of energy via the aperture used. Once this energy in nanometers, (a measurement of light in meters) enters the body, it is on a meridian pathway that runs on a directed course within the physical body in the invisible; normalizing the cellular tissue within to its perfect DNA blueprint. Being the same perfect frequency as the human cell, it will resonate to surrounding cells and continue on the meridian path reflecting as light will into the water in your body resonating the same healing frequency within to aid in the rescue of surrounding damaged or afflicted cells.


More benefit for using light within the Acupuncture lightway is that this particular Bio-Light energy unit regenerates and rejuvenates the damaged cellular tissue. This means by regenerating tissue that the damaged cells actually will restore it's DNA perfectness, new tissue (skin) grows as the photographs depict that you see in the before and after photos. 


With this possibility, we may become excited to think what may occur when treating a damaged brain. As a surgeon must understand the wiring process (if you will allow me that analogy), imagine in light the regeneration to the damaged cranial nerves to DNA perfect. This truly must seem unbelievable and a previously unexpected result for today's medicine.


However, The Science in Light Medicine incorporating these Lightways  have factual results. It is not medicine by way of man (medical pharm), but in the trueness of Earth's sciences. No blind studies necessary as positive results consistently and repeatedly occur. 


As the systems regenerate to repair, the brain, too, we must understand works within the cellular conditions and the whole body and the mind are cells and respond thus so.


This is exciting...