Common Question and Answers
LED light, non-invasive, effective

Does the Biolight have any adverse effects?

NO, the FDA reports that light is less harmful than an aspirin with 5-7 times faster healing.

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Can you use the biolight in the eyes safely?

Yes, the science of the Biolight is beneficial for stimulating the brain and improving the immune system.

How soon do you need to repalce batteries?

I use mine professionally for weeks at a time with out replacing them. It believe the average is listed as 100 hours.

How long do I hold it on each point?

A minute on a point but two or five or more is fine it can not be overused only under used.

How long will the LED light last?

We figured by the hours a bit less than 20 years.

Does the chrystal tip ever break?

No, It has never broken and I am the one it would break for. I am still rough on my toys and it falls off the service table from time to time.