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Barbara invites you to take a look at who she is as a person before, after and during her spiritual beginnings. She says, life keeps going on and when we have a chance to look at it again the pieces fall into place and a puzzle begins to form. So, as we look to the decisions we are making today and wonder if it is right or the best one to make . I think, she said,  that to be of kindness, good spirit and attitude will always make any decision turn to its higher level of good. Magic is real and it starts with a notion that everything is meant to be perfect and simple. All else is human error of thought and can be corrected by changing your mind.


Enjoy the stories of the other women also just tremendous people doing what seemed right and focusing on the best of it all. Like you jumping to illusions of love and trusting in the way of it ...


Moxy or (Moxie) Women refers to women who demonstrate courage and/or bravery to go for their dreams!

Race Car Driver, Tour Operator, Cancer Survivor, Healer

Naples, Florida



"Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace. The soul that knows it not, knows no release from little things; knows not the livid loneliness of fear"

~ Amelia Earhart





The Little Girl that Could

By:  Lore Raymond 


How does an honoree of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) and a member of the 2006-2007 Cambridge Who's Who, and a sought after international lecturer on health begin a unique professional career outside a church window?


Rewind with me...From her earliest memories, Barbara was drawn to church because of her mother's Bible stories. So on one Sunday she found herself sitting alone under an open church window in the heat of summer. Delightfully Barbara, (actually called Barbie at that time) sat intently listening to the minister's sermon. To her horror, she saw neighbors who recognized her and she thought that they would surely ask her mother what she was up to now! Barbara bolted and started running toward home just when the minister was speaking of Jesus' miracles who said: "And you can do this too, and more." These words became deeply instilled in her as the adrenaline poured through her beating heart as she ran home-words that would forever change her life.


Listening to the Inner Ears of Her Heart

As the middle child born in the town of Kennebunk, Maine, Barbara always heard with the "inner ears of her heart." To her, this was a normal, every day occurrence. When she shared these words spoken from an inner space she remembers that her mother became very upset about not talking "like that" anymore and to never repeat her words to anyone. Today Barbara says, "My poor mother must have been so frightened to have a child with these crazy notions. I know it must have been frightening in those days."


Photo Above and left- Barbara welcomes everyone at her School of Thought in Naples, FL


Slowly she began withdrawing more and more from needing to say what she heard but also acquired a trust in the knowing that her truth was real. Yet in her childishness Barbara could not understand the problem. "Barbie" played outside all day and night and came in only to sleep; she then discovered books which led her to new thoughts and inspirational endeavors which often got her into even more trouble!


Driving at the Speed of Light

As a bored married woman, reading became her past time about Truth studies, Atlantis, Edgar Casey, and the works of Ruth Montgomery and anything that fed her curiosity. Barbara also raced her hot cars around town as she had a husband and no children for the first nine years of married life and didn't work; she was also a self-professed beach bum so her husband bought her a 1965 Corvette and a Harley Davidson and she knew what to do: She raced around everywhere on one or the other all day until it was time to go home and cook dinner. This also included drag racing in the streets of New Mexico and road racing in Maine.  Barbara bragged: "I never had four wheels on the road at once and my car was always sideways going down the road." On the calmer side she helped start a tutoring program in the elementary schools and tutored students. She loved the students because her own daughter came later I her life. And in between she read everything!


Reading has been a lifetime passion for Barbara where she easily spends 4-5 hours daily researching what will best help her clients making 12-14 hours her "normal" work day. I met Barbara, also fondly known by friends and grateful patients as "The Lady of Light," at her office in her beautiful new School of Thought and Science of Light Medicine Center in Naples, Florida; it was clear that she loves books as they are everywhere--opened, closed, tabbed, stacked, and piled high. With a warm infectious smile, Barbara immediately launched into sharing her primary passion: to heal all those people who others say can't be healed. I was mesmerized with her single, laser-like focus and knowledge of how this can be done to end all suffering, one person at a time, and her plan (with God) to accomplish this noble vision.


A Coma was Just a Comma in Her Life

After an 18 year marriage, she and her husband amicably ended their marriage and with a small settlement, Barbara could now begin a new life chapter! And it was not to be so. Instead a case of misdiagnosed food poisoning put Barbara in a 28-day sleep and a very long hospital stay (Doctors thought it was the flu that was going around.). Yet she fully recovered with a much frailer body, no money because of the hospital bills, and no source of income. Once again she was starting over--alone.

"Being addicted to harmony, you just keep starting over. You keep putting your one foot in front of the other until you get somewhere. Another way to say it is: If you're going through hell, just keep going," advises Barbara.


Self-determination and reality forced a resilient Barbara to work two jobs to support herself and now nine year old adopted daughter, SommerJane. So picture this former pampered housewife with the perfect checking accounts and credit cards now working two jobs: driving sight seeing trolleys for a Maine tour operator and building her own businesses. An Estate Management business cropped up.  "A necessity will always offer opportunity," explains Barbara.  

 As fate took another turn, her job as the tour operator stopped suddenly without notice a week before season and so she flipped into another tour operation buying her own busses and began Seabird Transportation, a combination of tour and transit services for the tourists in Kennebunkport, Maine.


"Ask him for what you're worth."

Now beginning to thrive, another work opportunity came: Barbara was asked to serve as the estate manager for an elderly and wealthy woman handling her estate's needs and employees for around the clock nursing.  In addition to this Barbara arranged for her daughter and her to move from condo living to the estate. This allowed her to save money and build her own house. Yes, good luck was happening and things were looking up.


In her interview for the position she tried to imagine what to ask for as a salary. The salary of $500 a week seemed like a fortune but she decided to "go for it." Instead while she was speaking with the woman's son who was interviewing her, she heard her guidance say,

"Ask him for what you're worth."

So when the moment came and the wealthy woman's son asked Barbara what she would charge, she replied, "What do you think this position of responsibility is worth?" He replied, "I was thinking about $2000.00 a week."

In her total amazement and shock, she began grasping for air which he mistook for hesitation and continued saying, "We can make it more as I know my mother is difficult. Is $2400.00 better?"


"Make a Video."

An avid videotographer, Barbara loved shooting the splendors of Maine.  And once again, her deeper guidance  gave her instructions to do something that sounded absolutely crazy:

"Make a video."

She railed saying: You're kidding? With what money? I don't have time or money to make a video, and thought to herself, "Get me the money and I'll make a video."


"Make a video."


And she knew it was best to follow the inner voice that had guided her so many times before, always resulting in what was best for her. So where would she find a producer? Boston she thought would be a good place to look yet and after searching for a producer, she came up empty-that is until one freezing, winter night she found herself hankering for Chinese take out and ventured out in the dark and snow to get some. While waiting to order she overheard a person at the register asking how the man next to her liked living here after moving from Boston and what was he doing for work.


Photo Above and Right- Coast of Maine


He replied, "I'm a video producer and just left Boston as it's such a  dog- eat- dog  business there and I just love rural Maine!" Fast forward three months and Barbara had created a new tourism video that successfully sold in 17 different gift shops, stores, and restaurants throughout Kennebunkport and Maine. Always a pioneering one-woman show, Barbara had once again blazed new trails with this unique and professionally produced video, Moods of Maine


The Choice

At age 46, life was so very good now for Barbara! Bills were being paid, there was spendable income, and she had designed and built her own little home in the woods where she thrived--that was until she began feeling tired and less than her energetic self.  She was running as fast as she could in business and her continued malaise forced her to a doctor's office.

 "Call your surgeon. It looks like colon cancer," said the doctor in his life-sentence for imminent death. Barbara researched the disease and discovered it was too much trouble and decided to take a short cut and just go ahead and die and recycle.  It just seemed easier after all the world was not the place for her anyway she always felt like a stranger trying to fit in. No one would notice she felt this way she was always happy because it was a choice she mad early in the game.  Barbara feels like it was probably the cause of cancer as she thinks upon it today. Eventually, she had to stop working, closed the business, and went home to die. But death was interrupted. 


While waiting for death to come, so came the anger and the injustice of the disease. Barbara shared that a presence came to her as she was crying out alone in her darkness for God to take here right then that night she wept:
"Take me now!" -- instead she felt a significance about her being and in the darkened room could feel an energetic reality and like telepathy could hear it say," You will not die. I have sent you a gift and your worth is later in life." Barbara recalls that she opened her eyes frightened of an angry God but felt the presence more than she could see it, with feelings of harmony and calm interrupting her startled heart and slept, but never wanting to forget the words or feelings of that night.


She refused traditional methods to heal her cancer. She was tired and wanted to get back to the Maker; she heard the Christ and felt the Christ energy and wanted to go home.  She knew there was some-thing greater than her and wanted to be in that place...of this she was absolutely certain.


Into the Light

As things happen in the divine for those who know of the divine orchestrations light came just in time from a woman in Arizona who had been inspired to come to Maine for more than a year and finally the opportunity arose and the two met. Barbara was left with three lights and instructions to keep them on her body. Slowly, she began recovering week by week.  When the cancer was eliminated she knew as she no longer felt sick and was able to get around and to begin once more. She began helping many people with these strange lights and so after several months decided to stay home and not work but to sell everything possible and  study--a new passion developed, a raging urge to devour all that she did not know.


So for six years she read day and night, 24-7, reading everything that made sense and much of what was common no longer made sense. Barbara said, "People healed before my eyes in hours instead of weeks or months when I would loan them my lights." She was certain that anything that mended the bod, any thinking that promoted healing any natural ancient  medicines, acupuncture, God, spirituality, miracles, angels, and it all added up to the power of LIGHT. A profound researcher motivated by life and Truth itself was being born. And what did she do for income? The royalties from the video's sales were Barbara's only income source during this time-the same video she'd protested making three years before and thought a silly thing to do with her time now is understood.


"And then there was Light."

It was through her extensive and exhausting six years of research that she re-discovered what Einstein knew and discusses in his many papers and began talking at big seminars for doctors and physicists doing talk shows and just trying to let people know. There are many masters of science and medicine who also have rediscovered Light : we are beings of light and can be healed with light.


Now fully recovered, Barbara felt like she was on a mission from God. She knew the life-path she HAD TO TAKE, even if the echoes of similar childhood taunting rose up shouting: "Don't tell people what you hear, Don't tell people they can be healed with light! Do you want to end up in a crazy house for little girls?"



How Does Light Heal?

Words and labels really can't define Barbara is she is pure Spirit Expressing. Spending two and half days with her to do the research and interview left me energized, exhausted, and feeling like "All things are possible with God."

Barbara is a no-nonsense woman who has survived the unthinkable and remains with a foot in the real world of science AND her real world of God.

Results, not praise, this passionate woman's world travel schedule is to spread the word, heal people, and share the countless healing stories. As a result, she asked God to help her by having the people come to her for her healing which she can now provide called Miravant, a place of healing which means "before the miracle."


Photo right- Barbara uses light therapy 


As a pioneer and specialist in the Science of Light Medicine, the normalizing of cellular tissue in the human, animal, and plant bodies, Barbara uses the East's 6000-year old understanding (and practice) of how energy regulates the body's harmony and health. They call this energy, Chi; the Japanese call it Ki; the Maya call it Gaia; and Luke Skywalker calls it "the Force." Add to this her keen understanding of acupuncture or acupressure for healing and you move closer to understanding what makes Barbara the healer so unique at this time. If I said this to her I know what she would say: "It's NOT me-it's ALL GOD.") This courageous woman, once disbelieved (as many great pioneers were ) and even scorned, uses the energy point entrances or lightways as a Light specialist to reach the meridian system, a network of  connecting pathways that run through all living things, the life force.


To better explain, Barbara said: "What Light can do through these pathways is to clear the meridians of any non-beneficial blockages and allow the even and intended flow of chi (energy) so that each cell is served (renewed)."  She continued, "Light Therapy has been shown in over 45 years of independent research worldwide to deliver powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissues and organisms. The visible red and infra red portions of the spectrum have been shown to be highly absorbent and produce unique therapeutic effects in living tissues." NASA was at some of her first talks and have since accumulated significant data on this if you wish to discover more of light and the effects of light in the human body.


The Results: Believe it or Not

Barbara talks candidly about some of the more horrid health conditions she would wish to help more with, where families are detrimentally torn apart  and changed.  "Stroke : I have had good success with this; as example  A woman with the lasting effects of stroke from Canada came in drooling into a designer cloth and stopped drooling after about an hour and a half of light therapy. And the session with light was backed up the next day with another and the condition was eliminated. She has had great success with dementia and Alzheimer's too. Yes, every cell in the body responds to light the same way, it revitalized the cells to perfect. We have an opportunity coming up in Canada which will research my work formally and end all this nonsense once and for all. We are not meant to be sick, our bodies are meant to thrive like a flower in the sun.  Earth provides all our needs we know this ...."  


The School of Thought

Barbara expands with every word she speaks so it's a real challenge to keep up with her-it's like trying to chase the helium escaping from a bright red balloon or to hold the dancing rainbow created from a crystal in a window. Her vision list is huge and she needs a team of people to help complete her profound vision of healing our planet through Light and the positive thoughts within each of us-all of which re-connect us back to the greatest healer she professes: God-- the same God that completely healed her of her colon cancer 10 years ago with Light.


In the meantime, she's started the School of Thought in Naples which hosts lectures on the Science of Light Medicine and offers other complimentary healing modalities by other instructors.  It also serves as a place where aspiring apprentices of light medicine will learn the protocols that Barbara has successfully used for ten years and is now committing to print and video formats.


And true to form, all that she's asked for has manifested for free: the 15,000 sq. ft. building for the school at a magnificent marina; the furniture, office furniture, two computers, and the list goes on and on and on.



She's also attracted dozens of supportive people from around the US including Ed and Pamela Kuiper, who at this place in their lives have successfully retired from corporate careers in the northeast and have chosen to follow this unfolding healing story as committed volunteers to support Barbara's healing work.


What next?

Barbara would answer, "What ever inspires me when I wake up." For truly this woman lives in the moment, fortified with a courage and spirit than can only be divinely inspired. The past doesn't exist for her. She would say,


 "I believe in all things good. There is nothing that can not be eliminated in the way of illness and disease. The science of light in the body merely cancels out that which creates sickness.  It is science with repeated and consistent results."


Her life mission to heal all those that need healing using light and our positive thoughts, this humbles me.  Her guidance once inspired her to write: "We may have been born in the dark but it was in the light that we took our first breath." Thank you, Barbara, for being the little girl who could become a beacon of light in our world and demonstrating: "All of us can do this too, and more."


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Final Thoughts from Barbara:


"I was thinking about the many years of research I have put in, six, almost 7 as a near recluse so I was thinking although I do not look the part, it is my passion and my biggest thrill ... as I put the puzzle to a disease or detrimental illness together I am the most happy. My work has been my life for 10 years and I look for no other acheivemnet that would fullfill me more. Bringing the protocols to the person is rewarding but my fullfilment is in the puzzle. I know one day the work will be of service to all people world wide as it has been told.... Today I keep putting one foot in front of the other as you do....and do the best I can."