Article 3   Light N Life

  Light N life 





Photo-illumination, photo-essence, Photo-therapy and many other names we have called this amazing technique of using light to heal the human form.


Yes, many years of antiquity reflect the knowledge that we share today. In the beginning it was God's earthly sunlight that healed our cellular being. The very reason we have acupuncture points and the only natural and correct way we had for the biological cells to rejuvenate and repair damage to the body. 


Referring back to the days of ancient times when we used the earthbound treats and delights to heal the body from our natural surroundings. Moss, bark, herbs, leafs of plants and of trees and flowers were a few of the many effective modalities We must also include the worship of the sun.


Some ancients worshipped Ra the sun God in Egypt as the Inca civilizations.

People have worshipped the sun and solar deities for all of recorded history. Sun worship known as heliolatry hold so many beliefs and legends that have been formed around this worship it is not odd of any culture to have a knowing of the healing powers of sunlight.


Today with Light we have gone back to the beginning to make sense of what causes disease and why it still thrives among us in these brilliant years of technology. This has led us back to nature that heals itself.  

The Biolights

We know the reason we are not well in America we can ask anyone on the street why we have the ability to nurse along your bad health but not eliminate it. Everyone's answer is the same, because there is too much money in nursing ill health along and not much in eliminating it.


Science has evolved even more so today, true science works on a shoe string we know that. We do not have many grants awarded to us for our study in the effective alternatives that improve health and cancel illness. We do not have research departments paid for by chemical companies or pharmaceutical brass funding what really heals the body for us.


Despite this, nature wins all. The combination of how the body was designed and how light affects the cells are the key to our natural well being as sunlight is and was the ancient healer. Real science out of Europe says that if over the years had we not protected ourselves with these chemicals and allowed the sun to increase our immune systems as it has for thousands of years prior we would have evolved and the sunlight, even with the holes in the ozone would not harm us. Common sense should still apply as to the degree of sunlight you should have but used properly it is still a healer today.


Light hits the eyes at 432 miles an hour stimulating 7 compartments of the brain, why are you still wearing sun glasses as a permanent fixture because paid for science said too?  Paid for science that does not mind if your immune system breaks down and that the brain becomes easily confused or that the blood does not get properly nourished and if the cells have a cellular distortion created by the suntan lotions and the chemicals that bombard our skin form skin cancers as European studies state becomes less elastic and more wrinkled and sagging. The facial, skin product industry loves it by the billions.


Whatz The Good News…..

this Bio- Light unit is the same frequency as the energy of the sun.

As we measure the frequency of Earth, of plants, animals and humans it is the same. This healing frequency is the frequency of a healthy cell.

We do not have to be rocket scientist to figure out that if we could put the frequency of a healthy cell through the body it will resonate to other cells and heal itself.


When the light hits the damaged tissues it stimulates automatic repair to the cells. What it does to the cell is bring it back to the original blueprint correcting and rejuvenating it to normal pattening. Now swelling is reduced and eliminated because the repair is to the damage and therefore the resulting factors of damage are resolved and swelling is not necessary.

It cancels it out.


The Biolight unit is a frequency regulator thus, where the whole body consists of millions of frequencies which set up a very intricate system and relay system (Deepak Chopra MD) when applying the light to a misalignment which can cause emotional or physical distress this then can regulate that frequency similar to tuning in a radio station. The body then becomes aligned and develops wellness. 

An example of this is migraine headaches, merely a frequency off its regular pattern. This Biolight unit has great success bringing these frequencies into balance in turn eliminating migraines or allergies, or sinusitis.

 Here the body is aligned which can cancel disruptions in health….


As you walk this path with us in light you will learn more on being well as your body regulates itself as a computer would and reconfigures itself. The light does not do the work it merely assists the body to regulate itself.


I will add more articles to enhance your growth in learning about staying well because as we begin to think it we are. If the body is off balance you can be assured an intricate mechanism as your body was affected by your minds thinking and thoughts. You may notice a healthier thought pattern as your body heals itself. In this healthier thinking do not be surprised as your relationships have a new ability to mend as well.


You may decide to make healthier changes and decisions in your personal space to ensure the never ever ending desire to be happy is met.

As the human being is hardwired for joy and delight from the womb so may we have these gifts . 


Thus, here it is time to make no claims as to how you will mend your body or your ways. This is a scientific approach that has served me and hundreds to thousands who have shared equally with others and learned how to used light to mend the broken body and disgruntled mind of us.


I, so many years ago, became enthralled in the majesty of god's body to heal itself. So, please do not put more faith in Light than you do in the amazing body of God to heal it. Do not throw your Doctor out with the bathwater but encourage his learning in that which facilitated your growth and strength.


I hope you will let us know of your miracles of goodness, if big or small, large or great. Allow others to read and learn from your wellness. I have added a message board for that so you may enjoy each others contributions. 


Live in light, walk in light and easily just become…

Is it not what we are to do? It is how we choose to be ...


Highest & Best regards,

Barbara Cook