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Socks Story….

Cat Attack< success story

July 6, 2007 3am

My 17 year old, spayed cat, Socks dragged herself in thru the pet door. (I had just unlocked it). She was disheveled, tufts of hair all over her. She was badly leanin, her mouth was open, her tongue hanging out.  As I got down to her level I realized she was trying to breathe. A sort of gasping noise was coming from what seemed inside her body.  She fell down & she seemed to have no voice. 

She was barely breathing, I was trying to soothe her & thought she was comforted by me just being there, it struck me, she was probably going to die.  Quick I ran upstairs & grabbed the 2 lights by my bed.  I put one pointing towards her belly & held the other over what looked like a large swelling on her right abdomen.   After approx 30 minutes, her breathing was shallow but steadier.  I moved the abdomen light an inch and continued moving it every half hour or so until 8am.

I quickly showered & dressed.  Gently lifted Socks into the pet container & was off to the Vet at 8:30a.m.  First vet, closed, 2nd vet, closed, 3rd vet aha opened at 8:30 but now almost 9a.  They had 2 emergencies already but said they would fit me in.

I continued to hold the 2 lights on Socks.

Per vet exam: Temperature: low,  Gums – white, eye membrane-white. She has _______ air pockets under her skin (sorta feels like rice krispies), in highly traumatized state, few superficial scratches on sides.  Lungs ok, heart has slight murmur but strong, no leg breaks , vet pinched back paws tightly & Socks did not react.  Vet stated that was NOT good sign, she did not have feeling in hind feet.  I stated she had stood up walked up our stairs to go to her “closet” while I was in shower just an hour ago. Vet said, well now she has no feeling in her paws due to lack of blood circulation.

Vet looked for deep puncture wound that she felt would induce the air bubbles.  She did not find any.

Vet recommendation:  Immediate oxygen,  x-rays , pain meds, antibiotics

I said I wanted to take her home & use the lights.  Vet stated that was not an option, it was inhumane due to her pain & eminent death by taking her home, even with everything they could do for her, the vet could not say if she would make it thru the day.  I said I wanted $$ estimate. Estimate:  $401.   I was at the front counter with Socks in a container, paid $61 for emergency visit & left. 

Took socks to my office, put 4 lights on her for rest of day.  Home at 5:30p, gave her water she walked a few steps.  She went into her closet, I propped lights on her & continued for next couple days.  Checking on her hourly or more, keeping lights on her.

Socks used kitty litter that 1st night & ate some chicken broth.  Next day I gave her oatmeal w/ chicken broth.  Then tuna & broth.  3rd day she was on cat food & broth.


After the third day, Socks was up & about slowly.  Her light treatments are now only when I am present because she moves when I walk away.

Now July 19, 2007.  Socks has her full appetite, curiosity is back also.  She is still taking it easy but is walking around, comes when called etc.  Not quite at play level yet. Her “rice krispies” have subsided but she has a large swelling still on right side & back.

 We are very happy to have a fascinating healing tool as this in out home.



  Cody's Success Story

Cody came to me as a client after being told he would not make it through another couple of days and certainly not through the weekend. He was bleeding internally with so much blood in the urine that the urine could not be tested. It was diagnosed unofficially as cancer. His mom walked into my office with Cody in her arms and although I do not usually treat animals I could not let her walk away without trying. We figured out where the bladder was and detoxed his fingers and toes like we would ourselves removing and eliminating chemical residue from the body.

I had understood that in animals as humans chemicals in our lives were harming us and asked if he was on science diet foods. I personally belief these are not DNA products and suggested that artificial is not real and the body matrix will change to accommodate the switch and often dis-ease occurs. So Cody’s mom started changing his diet to all DNA products ( of Mother Earth) Yogurt and oatmeal and our cereals and other real foods. Carrots cut up small and things of the like. Cody had light therapy and a change in diet and got better rather quickly for the condition he was in and many months later is still very healthy. I call him the super dog because he races around and up and down and is a charm to be around. Alive, well and happy as light mends all. As we see him here he is taking his treatment lying down.

The sad story this day is, that Cody had an accident and was seriously injured by a car in the office parking lot in 2009.His veterinarian said for His age 12-14 was the guess that he was in remarkable condition for a dog this age. His eyes were clear and his coat healthy and his internal organs were in notable good shape. After being told about using our BioLight (our 1st Light) and Cody’s story with cancer the lady vet said to Gayle, the owner, if you have a light

I‘d use it all the time, to which she replied , I do. 


Bonny Hawley, Naples Florida on June 23, 2009 at 03:52 PM said:

I have suffered for the last three years with low back problems and a herniated disc. I had worked with several chiros, accupunture and energy healers and was very tired of having to rely on others to "fix" my pain. I went to see Barb in June of 09 and I knew my sacrum was out of place at the time. I was thinking this is stupid I should be going to a chiro. She treated my low back with several lights and I could not believe how I felt- it was just like a chiropractic adjustment, but even better. It was amazing. My back was back in place and pain free. I came to see her the next day for a second treatment, and I asked to "borrow" a light to heal my 18 year old cat "Soho". She was suffering from a sore right hip and arthritis pain, and would not come into the air conditioned house. I treated the cat that night and then had to drive to the airport late, when I returned home I heard the cat crying in the garage. I opened the garage door and the cat jumped into the house. She was purring loudly and running around the house. For 3 weeks I have treated the cat everyday and worked on myself. I worked on my emotional points, detoxing my body and blood and stared into the light everyday,(gives you great healing dreams). Everytime the cat would see me with the light, she came running for a treatment. The cat is feeling so much better and now thinks she can run around outside till all hours of the night. My back is great, I really feel healed and I love that Barb is open to showing me and others how to heal themselves with the light. It is so easy to use and offers remarkable immediate healing.