Article 1 - Psychological Effects
Stress and Limited Aging


The Psychological Effects of Red Light

                                      The Biolight


As more and more people and doctors, are discovering the use of red light for repairing and adjusting body traumas. We are also seeing a mystical goodness as some are using light for emotional disorders…


In fact all illness and all disease have a separate frequency as do emotions. The emotional level alignments are as critical as the body's alignment and when unresolved emotions go unresolved for long periods of time the stress levels rise and frazzle the frequencies in the body (as stated by Deepak Chopra M.D.) then we have what I associate with as static on the radio or like conditions happening in the body's mind. The frequencies are off balance and causing trouble in the system..


In this condition the body can not recoup as quickly from aggravating circumstances or unscheduled upsets and happenings that ordinarily would not affect the mind in this way, but now anger, depression, and sickness can take hold. 


When putting the Biolight on an emotional point that coincides with the emotional disturbance such as anger it is regulated and the emotion can become balanced once again. Unfortunate that the problem is not eliminated you must still work that out.


The cause is still the upset but having control and the clear thinking can help assist in more beneficial decision making. Depression is helped with light and by releasing this tension it affects the body's mind and it can overcome and adapt better to life's upsets.


You may refer to the head chart of emotional points that comes with your light unit. It is interesting that it also shows you which part of the body that is being affected by the emotions. Let me share few with you;

  • Insecure effects the  Heart
  • Unappreciated / Intestines
  • Confused / skin
  • Depressed / skin

How interesting again that we can psychologically re-root our feelings and help ourselves be a better thinker. In knowing this, science gives us an advantage in the world of struggle so we can find a way clear of negatvity and show up in a brighter light.


This section will continue in that at different times we know we are effected in ways that are not common ground for us and understanding is difficult. Often understanding certain techniques the brain uses to stabilize can be the difference in the ability to be our own good decision maker when it comes to emotional choices.  Invest in your health...


More about our health


Every cell knows how to defeat entrophy by bringing intelligence to the rescue whenever disorder begins to intrude. The most critical example is provided by DNA itself. Long thought to be an inert chemical that sits unchanged in the cell's nucleus, DNA is now known to have a remarkable capacity for self-repair.


Under the assault of free radicals and other damaging influences, at least seven different kinds of mistakes can appear in a strand of DNA. You can think of DNA as a computer tape or informational video tape whose information gets confused when the tape is twisted, broken or rumbled up. But DNA has learned to repair itself. It can sense exactly which kind of damage has occurred, via special enzymes and the appropriate missing links are spliced back into place. This astonishing  display of intelligence has been linked directly to human aging.


As seen from the level of intelligence your cells want to be new every moment. But old cells are littered with past mistakes that have taken physical form as toxic debris, clogged pigments, cross linked molecules and damaged DNA. These now ridged bits of matter no longer flow and change, which is necessary to life.


We in science are no longer in doubt about the fact that invisible wisps of thought and emotion alter the fundamental chemistry of every cell.


This raises the hope that the mistakes of aging can be eliminated at the source, in the depths of cellular awareness.    Deepak Chopra M.D. author of  Ageless Body Timeless Mind


How does Red Light address this you ask?

Red light in cleansing the blood and eliminating the chemicals of the body can then repair what has been referred to by Chopra as mistakes and allow the body the renewed capacity to update itself and self administer its cellular conditions to the original blue print.

By using redlight on the appointed points for emotional balance and regulating the chakra system and removing meridian blockages with light as described in the manual all systems start rebuilding the body's functionabilty supporting the systems for longevity.


Another interesting point from Deepak Chopra


In laboratory settings it is next to impossible to get cells to take up cholesterol in it's normal form, but once the free radicals react with cholesterol causing it to oxidize ( the same process that turns fat rancid), cells readily absorb it. Like sharks roaming the cell, free radicals will attack almost any molecule; the extent of damage they do is so wide that the free radical theory of aging in popularity with each passing decade is evident .The changes they produce seem to be one way, irreversible, and permanent.

Wrinkled skin is less orderly than unwrinkled skin and normally does not repair itself.


You ask ,What does light do for wrinkled skin?

It allows the body to produce collagen. Collagen itself is not made of cells, but nearby cells produce and repair it. The state of this connective tissue is therefore under the supervision of DNA. As people age their collagen undergoes change, becoming stiffer and less moist. We know that as the skin loses collagen it no longer snaps back when stretched or folded. It starts holding creases, and once the crease is permanent a wrinkle is formed. 


The connective tissue is composed primarily of collagen, a protein that has extremely useful property of being able to bind with water. The Collagen provides the skin with a moist, webbed cushion, giving it plumpness and the ability to stretch and fold as the body moves.