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The Science of Light Medicine
Where Ancient Science and Today's Medicine Meet

 Biolight Medicine

 Bringing The Antiquity of Healing Light to the 21st Century

Barbara Cook Photobiotic Specialist 

Bio-Molecular Healer and Researcher in

Photobiotics, the Science of Light Medicine


The BioRay Light safe, effective and timely 


We Create Safe Solutions For Today's Medicine.

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Barbara Cook is an Honoree of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) and a member of the 2006-2007 Cambridge Who's Who and a sought-after International lecturer on restoring health. In 2008, received  the Moxy Woman Award, in good company with Gloria Steinem, from the International Association of Moxy Women, a division of the National and now International Association of Women Taking Care of Business.


Barbara's clients travel from every state and as far as necessary for the healing results that earth energies provide. In a directed and understood manner Barbara assists people to recover from tragic health situations and is now preparing to teach and train others with the same  integral designs to heal. Not new but rediscovered light medicine an earthly condition that rebuilds rather than breaks down the healing systems.  

This work brings harmony and wellness to the facilitator as it does the client

The side effects of Light Medicine, restored health!

Light works successfully on many levels to repair and to rejuvenate the biological systems which restore good health. 


In the Beginning There Was Light, and Today Light is the Future of Medicine

The Science of being healthy in the chemical environments of today's living bring us closer to Einstein's work that proves we will find health in the natural sciences of earth.

The word Medicine as stated by Webster's Dictionary means,

"to assist in a healing". 

The word Science means: consistent and repeated results.

Today, the rediscovered history of light medicine brings the future of healing back into our own hands. We find that Science of Light  photo-repairs and mends our DNA bodies perfectly. We understand that most of the nation is just now reading about Light medicine, (not to be confused with Light Therapy) After the past 16 years of experiencing photo-repair with perfect results we can understand how the body becomes ill and how to mend the imbalance and why the earth methods of healing are effective.

Let Barbara Help make sense of the simplicity

It only makes true sense that we heal in the way we were born and of the things we are made of and can process, the things of Earth; light, sound, vibrations, and frequencies, all of the Earth Sciences. 

BioRay Biolight Restores the Bodies Capacity to Heal.

At Biolight Medicine      

   We Do Not Presume to Lead We Merely Show Others Their Options  Barbara Cook Bio-Molecular Healer

Dedicated to a Death Bed Promise to see Safety in Medicine in the World Today.

Barbara's works  are instrumental in the repair and balance of the human body.  From bad bumps and bruises to what is known as non-treatable illness and disease. Repair happens in the scientific arena of Light medicine .

The ways of Earth heal

Photo Therapy,

Bio-Photo Stimulation, 

Photo - luminescence, Red Light Healing ,

Photobiotics , Photonics , Bio-photonic

There have been many names for this healing light that have come through the centuries, and there are many light units on the market now produced by many manufacturers. Not Light Therapy but  Bio- Photobionics.

                                        WHAT MAKES OUR BIOLIGHT UNIT THE BEST LIGHT TO BUY?

Barbara is an early pioneer in the field of what is thought new and is the one who has experienced and researched the work on the new 21st century illness and diseases. Barbara has been doing the research silently since 1999 and the several years that followed while others today read the book. It is only natural to want to teach others what Light Science is and to incorporate it in to our health regime. 

                                                We do not want to make you better, we want you well!

This webpage and others associated with it will instruct you on the use of this light unit and explain through articles and writings other ways to be well and how to assist in your family's health care.  We want you to more than buy a light. We want you well versed in it's operation.  It is designed to be simple and easy to use. It is safe for any child to use.  It has no harmful side effects and can be used in the eyes for stimulating the immune system and relaxing tired eyes.  It's a Health Light - this wonderful scientific light unit called the Biolight is simply a self- health light.  It normalizes unhealthy patterns and this restores health naturally.

Also, remember that in Energy Medicine the body's tired and burning eyes are caused from being overwhelmed for a period of time without relief. It's as if the body is telling you to go and sit, close your eyes then be quiet and still your mind. The brain requires silence and peace in order to awaken the positive thoughts and notions that stimulate better conditions.  Remember, too, the default mechanism of the human functioning system is to thrive.  Just as the vegetables in your garden and as the trees in the wood and the flowers on your window sill thrive, this is the natural programming in us all.

Sunlight, water and the evening's light that reaches our interior systems regulate a balance to thrive. Open your heart and move forward and onward and rejuvenate. Aging is not a requirement it does not have to happen!


Light is 5-7 times faster healing and less harmful than an aspirin.

 Today the way of the world is changing - so invest in your family's health.

It is their birth right.

We will provide the information for you and as you become your own health care advisor.  We would like you to learn more and as much as we know about the way of Biolight, we'd like to see this in your lives and in the hands of all family members. Although Barbara is teaching students and teachers Light Medicine,You can still have your own light for family matters.                                       

Photobiotics - Living in the Light

We hope to interest you to learn as much as possible and will offer more in the understanding of Light Medicine in your future. The way of the world and the changing climates and shifts will create it's own newness and so we hope you'll stay tuned to Biolight Medicine and stay abreast of the new research coming available for study and healing.

Rediscovered, today just in time to rebuild the body from 20th century illness and diseases.  We are using Photonics today and are reducing the chemical bombardment in the body from chemical foods, pesticides, drugs, mold, and bacteria that creates the the toxicity in the body!

The cellular breakdown causing these new diseases can be and has been canceled in the science of Light Medicine, remarkably bringing order back to the body in a way that does no harm. By cleansing the blood, fresh DNA perfect blood runs through the veins, muscles, tissues, tendons and brain for mental focus and clarity and for overall stamina and virility.  No virus can live in clean blood DNA perfect blood and is thus eliminated. 

Light medicine is now perfectly designed for the lay person so that you may be your own health care provider. The BioRay has been used successfully for many physical repairs.  The following are a few of our successes, but the list is deep and long of the many illnesses and diseases thought not treatable which have been reversed.  Inquire of what you do not know, learn your way.  Where there is light, there is no darkness.

Painful Backs,   surgical knees,   migraines,   allergies,   rotor injury,   teeth,   ears,

foot problems,   sinusitis,   receding gums,   acne,   wrinkle reductions,   wounds,  shingles,

nail fungus,  blood cleansing,   detoxification,   high blood pressure,   swellings,

Chakra balancing,   Meridian clearing,   emotional fatigue,   carpal tunnel,  mold poisoning,

food poisoning,   mental clarity    vitality,   bone spurs,  Gout and anything cellular

This is not a capsule or an injection that covers or hides symptoms. It took awhile to become off balanced and ill and it takes time to repair the bio-photonics of the system that has been neglected or damaged.

                                                      Bio-photonics, The biology of Light in the Body

                              Seven to five times faster healing is remarkable so please take the time....

                 The repair list is endless because Biolight heals cellularly and everything we are is cellular.

Many scientists today understand that the cells are actually individual batteries working together, healing each other, protecting each other.  Please read forward, learn the site and know how your body heals and you will know how to repair it and to keep it well.

                                                 FDA APPROVES AND ANNOUNCES: NASA Research

Light is 5-7 times faster healing and less harmful than an aspirin.

 Today the way of the world is changing - so invest in your family's health.

It is their birth right.

Share your knowing ... 

Our remarkable newly designed portable BioRay units significantly reduces swellings, stops bleeding and repairs open wounds is a must for the adventuresome outdoors person.  The natural frequency of the  Biolight is known to neutralize snake venom and bug bites.  Take it with you, it is portable and can be your best friend .