Orientation for Biolight Medicine Teaching
Come enjoy the new paradigm in Medicine



BioLight Medicine and the Science of Light

801 Anchor Rode Drive Suite 203

Naples, FL 34103

The  Teaching and Research Place

Learn more about  Biolight Medicine and light science. Discussions and demonstratations

by Barbara Cook, Pioneer in Light  Science. 

See what is offered, what will be taught and what can be expected .

What qualifications are necessary and what are not.


Where:  801 Anchor Rode Drive Suite 203, Naples, Florida 34103

Place: The teaching and training center, 2nd floor, stairs or elevator



                                                        We are looking to teach and train for employment

                                        If you wonder if you qualify please continue reading.

We are not allopathy, homeopathy, naturopathy or any other conventional medical, integrative specialty. Nor are we related to alternative health modalities or holistic health, we are not esoteric, occult, or new age. All of those approaches are evolutionary developments by man.

We are qualitatively different because we incorporate the involutionary input of nature and science with man’s evolutionary development. The healthy human being is a balanced combination of these two dynamics. We do need to know anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, psychology, ect. to use the science of light effectively although helpful not required.

The only credentials we need to begin is intent, integrity, sincerity, commitment, and the information and processes you are will receive.

Our informational teaching is more than assisting healthful outcomes for the one who come for assistance. 

The lessons also increase our understanding of who and what we really are. What nature and reality really are for us too?

We learn why we become ill or diseased and how we are made well again.  

You may just discover what your place in the universe is, what your responsibilities are and what amazing opportunities we have all while assisting others their personal health.

I will be so excited to meet you and explore the gifts you bring as they unfold before us.


What we offer in the way of studies


Nano technolgy:  the leading support system of the human body. Subatomic fields were yesterday and knowledge for today's 's nanotechnolgies are now able to create the new body, mind.

Molecular Nano Technolgy (MNT) understanding molecular changes and thought processes and conditions.

Psionic Medicne: the causation of disese

The Biology of Beliefs: The science of how the mind effects control over your health.

Epignetic Control : the science that happens(discussions, thoughts, results)

Light Medicine: the biology of Light in the body


It is all an activation process easily done as all earthly conditons are easy unless made complicated. Bring integrity, bring innovative thinking to the table we are setting forth a new paradigm in healing the human for the new century.

As ancient medicine meets today's science and yesterday's science meets today's mind we are free to enable others to be well in an earthly fashion and in a timely manner. The only side effects are cellular restoration and rejevenation for cellular tissues making right the whole person.


Leaving good footsteps to Follow