Why Light?
and questions you may ask.


The Biolight heals from within and the reflects outward  

Since the beginning of times and at the change of times there was light.

Light medicine and the ways of light is the future of medicine and the way of physical repair in the 21st century. Light won the Nobel Prize in 1903 and the world after that took off to the inventions of what then was thought of as revolutionary drugs of the time. In the now 21st century these very miracles drugs are killing and digressing the biological body and are not harmless.

Light medicine is the natural ways of earth and of the heavens. Light brings the cellular tissue back into the DNA blueprint within the body's make up restoring physical health.

Many sites are available as witness to the science of this medicine and the effective results. Babrara Cook is one of the pioneers in light medicine and has co- manufacturered the Biolight that has been designed for the lay-person's health.

The Biolight unit is co- created with another determined woman of great worth after her favorite pet Cody was made well with light. Cody, our little dog friend, now races around from death's door to the other spectrum imagining he is Rin Tin Tin. 

In this reality of healing and repair many new products will be available to assist in the healing with light as the high tech agent of repair. We will recommend other great reading material for you and other perfect books that may help you assist in your pets troubles also. 

First there was light and now re-discovered it is again, First . 

In the beginning of times and at the changing of times light is our strength.

LIGHT therapy, most recent has shown (rediscovered) over 45 years of independent research worldwide to deliver therapuetic benifits to living tissues and organisms. Both visible and non visable light has been shown to effect at least 24 differant positive changes at a cellular level. Photons must be absorbed to produce a biological response. All biological systems have a unique absorbtion spectrum, which determines which wavelengths of light will be absorbed to produce a given therapuetic effect. The visible red light has been shown to be highly absorbent and produces unique therapuetic results in living tissues being the closest resonance to a perfect cell.

Since the 1980s, Tina Karu, PH.D., who is affiliated,with the University of California at Berkeley, having come from Laser Tehnology Center in Russia, and has extensively researched this process. She believes that Light is a trigger for rearrangement of cellular metabolism; These photo acceptors at the molecular-cellular level which, when triggered, cause a series of biological actions; increasing DNA-RNA synthesis, protein and collegen synthesis, and cell proliferation that result in regeneration and the normalization and healing of damaged cell tissue.


Do the lights cure you ask:  No, the lights act as a generator to stimulate the bodies own healing systems to recover and mend.

What else does the light do you ask:  There are many positive results, positive mental attitudes usually accompany a wellness as pain is diminished or eliminated. Help your body re-build, add exercise to your diet. Add positive thoughts about recovery. Think about the unhealthy things that could use alignment in your life style and blend the changes into your healing.

Good Question to ask:  Can this interfere with plates, pins, a pacemaker, or cancer seed implants? In 12 years of my experiance there have never been ANY side effects from these or any other medications or herbs. Clear your mind for healing and get an even faster recovery time. Nasa declares 5-7 times faster healing . In my personal experiance as a specialist in the research of Light work, I find that an acurrate and true statement.

 Will it be safe to use during pregnacy? There has been no research done on this as a study. So My advice is to make your own decision. My experiance was with my own daughter that birthed a very rare 10/10 rating on our boy baby. The hospital was quite excited about such a birth. I did not know of any rating that is done on newborns but they are graded today and a high score was around an 8.2 in the past. So IF she were to have another child we would continue to renew frequencies in the body after sonagrams and innoculations...as we did the first time and  to continue light as and when needed. Everytime a high sound frequency exam was done, I would align the chakra system and balance the energies back to normal. As I believe the abnormally high frequency used is not particularly an advantage to the unborn child,and should be used only if the pregnancy is in danger. To each their own, see your own doctor .Your own Doctor may advise you better, especially if he is up to date on light as the medicne of the future as Dr. Jacob Lieberman declares in his book Medicine of the Future. If he/she has not heard of Light, perhaps you can find one that is interested in the future of Medicine for your future needs.  It is not well known in today's AMA medicine and not researched because no one is taking the step for the sake of the patient but more in the old directions of research monies that continue to advance drug companies rather the simplicity of Light Medicine which is not cost effective for physicians.

We will list those who partake of this healing program and make you aware of them as we become aware of them, however, as far as I know now, I am one of the only pioneers with this record of success and I reside in Naples, Florida at this time but travel to all locations when necessary. I prefer the research and take on clients mostly in life and death situations.

What is a photon? A photon is a basic unit of light, how it is measured.The smallest (quantum) unit of light. Photons usually are regarded as particles with zero mass and no electric charge.

What is a nanometer?  A billionth of a second of light measured in meters  (the speed of light).

What is monochromatic Light? Light that is a singular wavelength and one color.

Will light enable tissue growth for wound healing? Yes, bone growth as well as regeneration of cell tissue (skin) record healing time for wound repair expect an hour or two for significant, unbeleivable results.

Can light effect the brain and or brain tumors? Yes, in my experiance successfully. You may e-mail me about this. NASA is doing more extensive research now on second generation light work. LED light is used for all cells to regenate and to rejuvenate back to the DNA original blueprint for the whole body. Barbaracook8@aol.com

Are we not blessed, and right on time.....as we re-discover light?