As a ordained minister I am very much in the Light of Christ. I walk in light, I love in light and bring light with me. If I am having a cocktail with a social group or if I am having lunch at a bar. I seem to be placed in the world where people are seeking what I am sharing. The full circle. 

I am a member of the God Squad and I serve God. All religions and all people God does not see religions only his people. We really are one. I go where I am sent, I speak when It seems odd to speak only to find someone needed to hear the words placed in my heart. Although they did not make sense to me it served the person being spoken to. This is the trusting required which encourages more faith, blind faith. I do not know what the father is doing  but I am about his business.

I live in faith and love and the glorious wisdom and wrath that comes with it. I have had many Bible experiences. I will share with you in other articles. These are very spiritual and appeared scary and dangerous but in faith I was being used and I let the light take me to where I am needed and Life happens differently. They are Bible stories in the years 2000 and as magnificent. When you allow yourself to be used by the God. You will have your life shaken up and realigned. I put my seat belt on just to sleep life gets so exciting.

I am grateful that my path headed this way and I accepted the joy. Joy and happiness is difficult to achieve because people just do not say yes often enough to the chances of faith, they always have other less important things to do and places to be, than to be still.

I have quotes from a wonderful person in God, many of you will of heard of.

Florence Shovel Shinn has written many books helping us get over ourselves and into the world of right thinking. Her classic book The Game of Life and How To Play It is a wonderful tool for a successful life and to retrain your thinking . Some of these quotes will be from her book, Your Word Is You Wand. I hope you will benefit from it and enjoy the entries.

These are called affirmations, by saying these words out loud you are affirming to your brain , the higher consciousness that this is factual information being provided and saying it through the day many times and repeating your favorite ones will allow the brain to incorporate the new thought as truth and you are on your way to more successful thinking and you will learn the Ways of having a better life through better thinking.

This is also scientifically approved as fact.

Accidents, old age and death itself, comes from holding wrong mental pictures. When we see our selves as God sees us, we will be radiant beings, timeless, birthless and deathless, for God made man in his likeness and in his image. It is only when you forget this fact that other notions can enter and change the picture.

We begin:  Health

Say out loud, often throughout your day and evening what it is you are claiming as fact for your health change, life change.

Time and space are obliterated! I live in the wonderful now, birthless and deathless! I am one with the One!


I have crystal clear vision of the spirit. I see clearly the open road. There are no obstacles on my pathway. I now can see miracles and wonders come to pass.

I give thanks for my perfect sight. I see God in every face, I see good in every situation.


 I deny fatique, for there is nothing to tire me. I live in the kingdom of eternal joy and absorbing interest. My body is electric,"timeless and tirelss, deathless, birthless.

I will not tire, I will not falter and I will not fail.


I am nourished bt the spirit within. Every cell in my body is filled with light. I give thanks for radiant health and endless happiness.

This statement may be used for any disease and thanking in advance is beneficial.


Deafness is about strong personal will, stubbornness and a desire not to hear certain things.

My ears are the ears of spirit. The light of the Christ now streams through my ears dissolving hardness or malformation. I hear clearly the voice of intuition and give instant obedience and hear gladly good tidings of joy.


Corresponds to fault finding and criticism,etc.

The light of Christ now floods my consciousness dissolving all the acid thoughts. I love everyone and everyone loves me. I give thanks for my new radiant health and happiness.

                FALSE GROWTHS

Corresponds to jealousy, hatred, resentment, fear, etc.

Every plant my father in heaven has not planted shall be rooted up. All false ideas in my consciousness are now dissolved. The light of Christ streams through every cell and I give thanks for my radiant health and happiness now and forever more.


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