The Christ is Right
Fringe Benifits for Recievers

I have been preaching Godways for days and today was thinking of the benefits of a Christ life.... when I was listening to a couple discuss health Ins. and remembered who my policy holder is.

In His hands I am not ill but well, In his hands I am  free and not tangled. In His hands Life is right and others may stumble but I will not fall.

If my path becomes cluttered I ask to have it be less cluttered. If it is too warm I ask it to be less warm. If another is stealing my joy I ask to be away from stealers of harmony and peace. In His love my worth has might. In His love my arms do not tire, My heart flows freely of love and others love can freely flow in and around me forming puddles of joy at our feet. In this God is soothed in His trust and love for His faithful ones who come to Him in like that of a child to seek His pleasure and we are treasured by this.

In Fear, I am strong in knowing His mind is on me.

 In sorrow I can be sorrowful and remain in a soft light and know I am His gift to be worked through and So I recover from sorrow and rest in contented peace. In knowing that what appears is illusion and that in the wholeness it is all understood and proclaimed as good. The messages that come from sorrow are more heartful and hurtful yet healing . Clarity can be the best healer  as we   accumulate experiences for the side of all Good.

Others can observe and be stilled for silence often by seeing others sorrow. WE know we are never alone. If you truly knew you were never alone your fears would only add excitement to your experiences.  Our Ins. policies could be canceled.  We could put our lives and life decisions in his hands and all that is needed would be to accept the gifts that come with love. To allow the allowing.

If the body's house needs cleaning it will be cleared and cleaned . If the mind of the body needs cleaning and beliefs shifted this is done.  When you say Oh, Lord make me yours and let me be your vessel expect changes ... great changes, as goodness is added less than good is dismissed and is not valid even becoming unacceptable which allows for more. More love, more light.  I love the ways of Christ.

 I have been flowing in the waters and traveling in the streams and rivers of  a Christ life many years calming the oceans and swimming in the flows unafraid as I am watched over and  protected in the light. I have a way that bares fruit ...His way and in His light ... I am great...

 I am proud to say I am great in His light and when I walk in His footsteps and wear His armor I am greater. still ...I over come , I do not tire, I do not fail, I do not falter.

 The Christ is Right and In this Life I am that....

Rev. Barbara Cook

A  Member of the God Squad, Earth's Edition. How silly I know but I think where as I am so serious most times I like to think of my self on God's assignment list when put to task.

For me to maintain health and peace I care for others. I do well so I can assist others in being well.

On my list  of things to do I'd like to start a High hearts Club for children, So many Children have no one and nothing and are of very high frequency (meaning of the light) and certainly deserve others around them to assist in their bloom.

                                      After all We are the ones we were waiting for ... it is we who will make the changes.

It is time to make a difference in some ones world... lets start with the children. WE will be assisted in great numbers by leagues of angels as our young build a new earth sustained by love.  I excitedly await this assignment.

God Bless those  who join us and those who dare love greatly.