Photos of Before and After
         Graphic and Untouched

Over a period of ten years of experiances with Light as the healer many, many things have come upon my path. People were healed of such things that were thought non-treatable by today's medicines that I had to remain in the books for trying to understand how the happenings happened. Now, I am grateful to understand Light heals, automatically. It is the science of earth's many frequencies that provide balance to the biological systems of photo repair.

The one misconception is that one must believe in order to heal and this is not so with light. Light is the healer whether you believe or do not believe. It is science and the way of science that heals the body with light. Healings are faster when using light & prayer. I have used many differant testing ways over the years to see who and why one person heals faster than another. It was clear prayer leads the way to light.

The observation most noticed was the fact that alcohol does suppress natural healing and the one who drinks often and daily just do not heal as fast or nearly as fast. 

As a facilitator before I begin helping a person regain their health I incorporate light that cleanses the blood and then detoxification is required releasing chemical residue that remains in the body as the body is not capable of passing through any non DNA particles as chemicals are not of earth and are not DNA and they remain within the cellular systems. This prevents normal, natural   healing procedures within the body that update and repair the body conditions.

The cleansing is done with two lights at the same time for a quicker session (described in the guide manual). This is prep for canceling illness and restoring the body to a condition to heal itself.

There will be many pictures as more time allows for their placement. As far as I am aware the one thing the Biolight does not do is give me more patience... I ask the heavens for that.

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