A Photonic Specialist
What is a Photonic Specialist?

Meet Barbara Cook...

BioMolecular Healer, Researcher, and Photonic Specialist.


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My name is Barbara Cook and I am a Bio-Molecular researcher, healer and teacher.  More than a dozen years ago I was diagnosed with colon cancer.  After being told I would not survive without the suggested treatments I decided to research the condition and then declined the AMA methods.  Not only did I end up saving my own life, but I have been able to help and teach many others how to heal their bodies and improve their lives.  I invite you now to discover what I have termed the Science of Light Medicine.

My clients travel from every state, and as far as necessary, for the healing results that earth science provides. In a directed and understood manner I assist people in recovering from tragic health situations. This work allows harmony and wellness for healthy individuals that intend to maintain healthy conditions as well.


What does it mean to be a Photonic Specialist?

Your body has 60 trillion cells and each one an entity, a photon of light, a vast energy -  think fiber optics and the communications that travel this universal highway of light within your body.            

These cells, each of their own power resonating with the surrounding cells at full potential, equals an energy-efficient human being and can light up a whole city.

What happens when photons go out of balance, wobble, or lose energy? The cell loses its power and frequency to maintain health.  If this continues, other surrounding cells can weaken and begin to resonate with this lesser frequency and serious energy loss takes place. If the static being produced is ongoing, the structure of many cells may relate and spiral downward also causing illness. The correction of the static causing event may sustain the body's abilitiy to mend and repair itself.

Being a Photonic Specialist means the earth energies ment to restore and repair have been studied, researched and found effective and that the perfect frequency for restoring good health is made available (Biolight) and assists your body in remembering how to mend itself and that your Photonic facilitator is qualified in these studies to see you well. 


Are you keeping yourself informed?


With imminent changes in our Nation's healthcare system, are you making health decisions that will have a postive effect on you and your family?   With many uncertainties looming ahead, having a new understanding of our bodies and how it replenishes itself is critical. Watching the physical body heal itself is remarkable .

The best thing we can do for ourselves and our health is to read and investigate. We can no longer count on our health system, insurance companies, or the media for information. Educate yourself and your family - Live long, but not in a sickbed!

Live life, breath deeply and exhale love in every breath. We are the new truth and we are creating health in an unhealthy field.

Live in Light,

Barbara Cook