How To Order
BioRay L.E.D. Light Order


                       The BioRay L.E.D. 

                                         a self health tool

          $300.00 each with tax and handling total is $324.54


                                          To Order E-Mail Your request to:

Email your request with a phone number, your call will be returned to get your your ordering information.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover

 We are a small team growing strong as our customers do.  If you have any "light" questions, please feel free to email them to  As mentioned, we do not want you to simply "own" a Bio Ray L.E.D.light we want you to know how to use it and share it.

    A manual for common health problems and methods assisting in repair accompanies your BioRay for the most effective use.

Testimonials are another interesting part of the  Biolight manual and  includes impressive stories for the recovery of seriously ill pets and in their owners own hand they describe saving their loved ones live.  In laymans terms  I explain too as to why Photobiotics is so successful This in itself  is very useful in helping others understand the Biology of light in the body.  Get in the light, get well and be great.