Directions for use of the Biolight

The Biolight is a delicate instrument and should be treated as so. It is calculated at the frequncey of a healthy cell and in science this is the most remarkable ability the body has to repair and to rejuvenate adding a longer shelf life if you will for our body. I will try not to use medical terms although it is the usual way to describe illlness and cures. Because this tool is pure science and in natures best way it is completely harmless even though the miraculous response the body has to light is ever noted as a medical wonderment. 

Most aches, pains and wounds can be easily attended by just putting the light where it hurts.

Light is a natural and simple healer. Sunlight is the original frequency adjuster and aligns and regulates the human biological system automatically. The sun has many benefits that are not thought about today as healing. Did you know the light from the sun hits the retina of the eyes at 432 miles an hour according to Dr. Jacob Lieberman which stimulates 7 compartments of the brain. Yet we wear sunglasses even when not necessary for the said protection against the sun.

It is not well known however that the bodies acupuncture points are not exclusively designed by God for acupuncture needles. That the called acuputr, system designed was for the healing frequencies of sunlight to enter the body and nourish and rejuvenate the human cells for optimal functioning thus allowing the body to fully be utilized so he can work through us unhindered. 

Our Biolight Unit is designed to do the same thing. It is not easier but it is as easy. The redlight is not color therapy it is the color of the LED. (light emitting diode) which is the frequency of a healthy cell and the particular wave length required for this type of rapid repair of the body. Completely harmless and remarkably beneficial.

When this healing frequency enters the body via the acupuncture system as light it acts like a photobiotic runway of energy through all of the body nourishing and repairing.

Photo means light.

So for treating most pain and a body that hurts use the surface application which means put it where it hurts. Do circular motions over the pain, wound or swelling for 10 to 15 minutes and longer depending on what you are tending to. It can never be over used if you want to hold our unit on your pain or tumor or carpal tunnel etc. you may tend to it steadily until it has been repaired.

Our  Biolight unit does no harm and can be looked right into as a matter of fact it actually stimulates the biological immune system and sets the body in recovery. When you look into the  Biolight after a minute or two the light will begin to turn yellow, orange and green. This is most Fasinating because the color green is color therapy for the eyes. What happens I find incredible because the brain acknowledges the frequency as the bodies healing energy and transposes the energy to what it can use . (green) This is truly amazing, and glorifies for me that the body really does heal itself.

So we have established that it can not be over used and that it can not harm you in any way.LIGHT is approved by the FDA and the FDA claims 5-7 times faster healing and less harmful than an aspirin. This wonderful  Biolight is going to be America's best friend.

For other issues concerning your health, a manual will accompany the Biolight unit and I would also reccomend that you pick up some books on Acupressure because they are the same points or entrances to the body the light will travel on while the healing is being done.These are a wonderful adjunct to the healing and provides for your own care.

Between the information I provide as a Facilitator to Light Medicine and the Acupressure book on points you will be in good hands to safely attend your body or emotional health.

I need to add a disclaimer : SO, We, are not neglecting your favorite doctor or surgeon we are saying scientifically the body is benefited by adding light to your daily routine. Do not throw your faithful doctor out. I am not a doctor and I do not do what doctors do. I am not prescribing or  sugggesting anything more than what the science of light allows the body through the way of nature to repair as God intended.

But, do learn about the body God gave you. I will try to address many avenues of that on this site as we go along. You do not need to use light everyday but as you learn more and know that it can not be over used you may wish to.

I have had purchasers of the light e-mail  back to say their cholesterol went back to balance and the blood test came back normal and the arthritis went away. None of this is surprising because the body CANNOT be ill under these right conditions... it is not scientifically possible.

Be well, Be Blessed and Shine....

Barbara Cook





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