About us
The Candle Network


We at Lightways call ourselves the Candle Network. We are proud of the path that has led us to where we are, all so diversified and intricately woven into one weave.

We know there are many light products available on the market and many with huge financial backing. We know we are pioneers in light medicine and follow the early teachings of the original pioneers that have healed with light since the beginning of time .

Most L.E.D. products are offered by manufacturers rather than by practitioners using light medicine or healers and personal researchers or physicians.

With the purchase of our light units our Candle Network has produced a Self-Healer's Guide and Program enabling you to become your own family's healthcare provider. Our intention is not to take the place of your family Doctor but to assist with preventive care by providing you a Self-Health Light .  We cannot offer you Health Insurance but we do offer Health Assurance

We encourage your Doctors' input and values in medicine Always.

Our staff believes that if we light one candle at a time or thousands at once, the way will become clearer. We are encouraged by a higher source to make use of an essence of light that shines from within to repel all that is not wellness.

As our light unit is designed by a healer and a Doctor of healing, we found a serious lack of information being provided thus far when purchasing other light units. With our combined backgrounds, we are able to provide the buyer with the appropriate instruction for use. A hands-on approach means a light in your hands with the knowledge acquired through experience and passed on to you by time passing.

The effects are profound when used to the fullest potential.

Direct knowledge of light in the human body is still largely unknown by most manufacturers as the full potential of light healing for the general public is surfacing, they take a monetary interest. It is so new to many of the manufactures of light units that they are mostly aware of what light will do rather than being knowledgeable of how the affects are achieved.

Using Light is very simple and often a simple surface application is all that is necessary. But often a more direct and aggressive approach is necessary to see reversal of an illness or chronic problem.

As facilitators of light medicine, we are in high hopes of being there for you physically as well as spiritually. On our Candle Network we have two profoundly effective spiritual agents both ordained ministers and spiritual counselors that make themselves available through writings, articles and e-mails as you may desire.

As you join our Network of The Now Well, you will want more of the knowing and as we are traveling the country, state by state, to add to our offerings of wellness and knowledge personally.  We hope you will find yourself attending our Lightways & Godways Demonstrations and Lectures. In this you may share with others and learn with others more of being well to share wellness in your communities.

We will Teach, Treat & Share our ways and stories and help you be a better family care provider. We will also offer Doctors, other Practitioners and Facilitators and Therapists special offers on treating what is thought of as non-treatable disease. So that you may bring wellness and repair into your homes and offices.

Sincere Thanks and High Regards,

Barbara Cook ,  Photobiotic Specialist, Researcher, Bio-Molecular Healer  in the Science of Light Medicine,

Dr. Jos, Spano, Wellness Associate, the bridge between the antiquity of healing and the technology of wellness.      

There have been many dedicated people along the way that have brought everything from encouragement , financial assistance, clerical work  to laughs, tears and bountiful abundance in humanitarian ways.

Many wonderful people served their best good in my behalf to serve you.  

They move on to be their best good elsewhere now and shine in another's life but always will find a home in my heart for all their shared good.   

I am grateful,