60 Trillion Cells, The Human, Photonic Being

       60 Trillion Cells

60 trillion cells and each one an enity, a photon of light, a vast energy, think fiberoptics and the communications that travel this universal highway of Light.            


              60 TRILLION PHOTON POWER

60 trillion cells each of their own power resonating with the surrounding cells at full potential equals one energy effieicent human being and can light up a whole city. Amazing science.

What happens when photons go out of balance, wobble, lose energy? The cell looses it's power , it looses it's frequency to stay in the loop. If this continues then other surrounding cells can weaken and begin to resonate with this frequency and serious energy loss takes place. If the stadic being produced is ongoing then the structure of many cells may relate and spiral downward also causing dis-ease within the make up of perfect and illness can then occurr.  The mending of the stadic causing event may sustain the bodies abilitiy to mend and repair.

Once the frequency changes from perfect to dis-ease other cells can also flip to this frequency. This is where prevention can take effect.

Yes, you guessed it , the cause of the stadic in the frequency of perfect comes from the 20th century's fast paced life with modern conveinences and hurried ways. The fear based part of the last century accompanied today's continued daily stresses is the common denominator of the 20th and the 21st century illnesses. This has been digressing healthy thinking that creates health, easily understood and easily changed.



Separating Light from the human mechanics is detrimental to the configuration systems which regulate and update cellular compositions. It will falter, wobble and fail rather quickly like that of a plant without the nourishment of the sun it, too, withers and dies.

Cells are like trillions of micro-cellular human machines, like ants all doing their jobs with incredible tolerance and intelligance .

Today's Science has caused massive interruptions in old beliefs adding new discoveries that make old sciences no longer true.

Today's Sciences are profetically interesting because where science was difficult to understand before it is now understandable because the truth bares understanding!!!


Today in the turn of the wheels of Science and Life their is a train coming heading for truth.

Are you making new updated decisions, having new understandings of Life and how it replenishes itself?  Don't miss the train... read, investigate. We can no longer count on societies media for truth in advertising or in paid for science that tells us sunshine is bad when it is the chemcals in the suntan lotions that kill not the sunlight. 

Dig like a miners for the diamonds in the truth. Save your family, educate yourself for longevity. Live long but not in a sick bed.

Live life, breath deeply and exhale love in every breath. We are the new truth and we are creating health in an unhealthy field of  Pharma-medicuticals


Seek and know that life is as you thinkith... James Allen