New Ways of Light

The Way of Light, The Science of Good Health


As someone who has been involved in the ways of light for many years experimenting and discovering that we are never sick but only out of tune, off balance I would like to share my work from the past eight years with you.


Let it be known too that this light network is grounded in anatomy and physiology and in understanding the antiquity of Light and today's science together we become a medical contractor for malfunctions in the blueprint of the body.


How monochromatic (singular wave length) light reacts in the human body effecting mind, body, spirit and as this has come into play in the deep science of today remember in the beginning there was light…


What that means is that all of the all is light. In Science today we have proven that the human body is light, photons of illusionary energy.   The Chinese have used these methods of realigning and balancing the bodies systems for 6 thousand years. These meridians or invisible pathways of energy flow are like photo optic highways carrying the bodies communications and information on the pathway of light allowing the body perfect reception.


 Science says that if the body is balanced in complete it can not be ill and the cells can not alter causing dis-ease. In ancient medicine, the sunlight would enter the body via the acupuncture point system allowing the sun's rays to nourish and re supply the body with the very energy it is powered by.


Sunlight was the way of nourishment and the body would thrive. Did you know that the sunlight enters the retina of the eyes stimulating seven compartments of the brain to perfect ness and balance, consistently re-configuring the frequencies to order. In this illness is canceled and health is resumed automatically. This is the Science of Good Health. We, the body are designed to detect fault and rejuvenate perfectly. It is God's perfect design.


Real science, investigates and searches for proof with consistent and repetitive results, and are not paid to find a particular answer but reports true and accurate findings, The European studies have reported that over the years without sunglasses and without the chemical lotions and blocks that prevented healing rays to repair our selves naturally our humanness would of evolved and become immune as it is designed to do by God, the perfect planner.


As these facts are implemented positive results are found. The body will heal itself.

 In today's world of chemical overload the body has created a toxic dumping ground within it that we were unaware of  until the cells in the body could not repair themselves any longer causing distortions in the original blueprint this altered the cells to mutate under duress. Further hindering the body to regulate self methods of repair is more residue from the new chemical drugs that throw off the frequencies in other organs breaking down the relationship that synscinckly operates the body's systems balancing the water, the salt, regulating the blood, elimination and the thinking processes.


With the Biolight

These frequencies are again balanced with Light  the toxins are canceled from the cells the body then willingly jumps into the intended purpose, to heal itself to its original blueprint. By cleaning the blood and eliminating the bloodsludged so that clean, pure blood is nourishing your bodies muscles and tendons and brain. You gain overall strength and agility and vitality knocks on your door again.


                           You become well and are no longer held hostage to your health.


We are not suggesting throwing out your Doctor.  We are hoping you will, through your own example, share your success with him/her so others may be well also.


Barbara Cook