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About Barbara Cook


Barbara Cook is an Honoree of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) and a member of the 2006-2007 Cambridge Who's Who. She is a sought-after International lecturer on restoring health. In 2008, she received  the Moxy Woman Award, in good company with Gloria Steinem, from the International Association of Moxy Women, a division of the National Association of Women Taking Care of Business

Barbara is a researcher and facilitator of Light medicine, 59 years old and for 14 years has been one of few pioneers in the country that excels in this work.

When this work was first witnessed by NASA they promptly produced their own light unit.  Many manufacturers followed this example understanding why it worked but not knowing exactly how it worked.


Barbara, with previous personal experience, knew there was more than what was eluded to by other manufacturers about light repair in the body. Being about healing for complete physical restoration, she chose to stay on the research path that now excites science and cancels non-treatable illness and disease.


With her knowledgeable background steeped in hands-on experience and years of research, favorable results are brought to the table some of these not witnessed by any other manufacturer's studies. Ready now to share with the public the findings that safely set us free of the handcuffs and financial burdens health care puts on us we begin.


Barbara’s story is long and exciting and will take book form soon but today we can briefly give you a picture of who this courageous woman is that left everything behind to pursue alone, the journey put before her that changes Medicine in the world today and makes it safe.


This is a difficult thing, to put Barbara in a box for you. Barbara is like a wild horse and does not take to a bridle. Although very passive and loving and more thoughtful  of others than herself right up until God interrupts and she is moved along to the next step and goes whereever he leads. This mission has led to Naples, Florida where four more very important years of research have taken place.


When the friction between her way and God’s way meet; God wins every time. “If I do not get my way then it is his way”, she says.


Barbara calls herself professionally uneducated except in the ways of Light. This means she was not traditionally educated but was brought to her learning as young girl in what seemed a foreign land - to live amongst the aliens who did not hear with the inner ears of the heart and did not learn from just knowing the way. Others did not seem to have faith to know the truth or to discern it of others. She existed always questioning and wondering what was wrong with her and fit nowhere. Many mistakes were made in trying to be like others and finally finding that God knew best and resolved to be led by one master and no other and in this found the gifts of the kingdom promised.


After an amicable divorce in 198,7 life changed.  Barbara built her own home and founded three personal businesses. Before her sickness in 1998, she owned and operated a Transportation and Tour Company in Kennebunkport, Maine, a tourist community on the Southern Coast and B.I.C. Video Production Co.

After ten years of running as fast she could, colon cancer arrived just as a much needed rest was in order. So, Barbara decided to not take treatment after researching that most people at that time lived about the same span of time with or without medical treatment. Upon waiting for death to come, so came the anger and the injustice of the disease.


Many thought-out, heated discussions were rehearsed at this time concerning this great and mighty God we hear of. In complete disagreement with common belief at this point and always in the past walking mostly in the way of that belief, Barbara was fully prepared to die and to voice loud and clear her thoughts on how poorly this earth was run and God's failure in getting the job done would be the first topic when she arrived.  


In this deathbed experience, just weeks from this conversation being real, Barbara quotes that, “a presence came to me as I was crying out alone in my darkness to take me now, I want to die tonight, I cannot do this anymore,” she wept take me now, but instead she felt a significance about her being and in the darkened room could feel an energetic reality and like telepathy could hear it say: “you will not die, I have sent you a gift and your worth is later in life”. She opened her eyes frightened of an angry God but felt the presence more than could see it, feelings of harmony and calm interrupted the startled heart and noticing her breath catch up with her she repeated the words to herself. Never wanting to forget them nor the feelings and later would decide if it was a true incident or a strange sickly vision not seeing anything in actuality and then slept.

More of the long version goes here but quickly to tell the story. Light comes into her possession via the divine forces and cancer was canceled.


Months later while watching it snow one cold winter day just a few months after a miraculous recovery from illness with light and still angry at God; now for not taking her life and at 45 having to rebuild again, the presence returned in daylight and said, “you will change medicine in the world today”, and showed her a remarkable place of healing to be built. Seeded in her mind were people that have not yet been met but , that will be recognized as they find their place in this life. I walked through the structures and was awed by what I saw, Barbara said. The rooms and settings were of beauty and  I knew this was in the realm of the unreal for I had never seen or felt such a place or things of healing before. I did not know of healing ways then, Barbara said.  The people were so happy to see me and my heart shook with love I still have never felt love like that since and when others came out to see that Barbara was here I noticed on the wall a lovely set up in bronze and a marble looking plaque and stand that said Founder Barbara Cook. So I thought I had died at this time in history and that I was looking back but everyone was asking me questions and the love and warmth was genuine and happy. People were happy to be working there and patients came to greet me that knew me but that I did not know. The outside grounds had a narrow river and people canoed along the banks under a huge and gigantic tree. These were patients and I heard again with the ears of my heart that I would change medicine in the world today and make it safe. As beautiful as this place was, I did not understand and laughed. I was already feeling love like I had never felt before or yet and a happiness was working its way through me to the soul.  In hearing this laughter that followed, was it His, the Godly being or was it my own. Barbara said, sure I’ll do it, you lead the way and got up from the chair and did not think that it was anything other than a very odd occurring visualization but today we know it was a revelation of what would come.


Thus the story begins.  Without knowing it Barbara gave her life to God and it pursued each day, one after the other just like everyone else’s but the difference now than all the days before are that now I know I have witnessed a beautiful  outcome in my own life and now I will go there with assistance of the powerful forces we borrow from the heavenly kingdom and change medicine and make it safe today.


I felt like I was on a mission of God.


Many wonderful stories are ahead in the book and the story of Death Interrupted Miracles for others and for me, daily situations not of the norm now common place in my life. Dangerous situations where God led me and protected me so I could help others of his sheep to be spiritually better and find a way.   


In Barbara’s words;

Every path was paved and every move predetermined for success. The way was lit with wonderful people one handing me to the next and then that one handing me to the next until my education was extensive and exclusive to this field of light medicine.


It led me to mending bodies that could not otherwise be fixed. I was releasing others from their death bed and other ways of light were giving them the use of their hands or arms again or the arthritis was eliminated, migraines were canceled and sinus problems never returned and surgical knees did not require surgery after simple light was used in the proper way. I was out to heal the world Barbara says, but no one believed me.

By 1999 and 2000 I started doing lectures and seminars in different states in hopes of healing America only to find even those who were rapidly repaired did not believe it. Certainly no one who had heard of my work believed such mending of the body possible if today’s high tech drugs and surgeries could not help how could I, was the question.


I was naïve and frightened yet had experienced it all myself and with that truth behind me to stand on I continued.


Now all I do is show the results. Results are the key. When I am speaking and professors of medicine or physics would ask questions I would say respectfully sir, “You have seen my work for two days; do not the results speak for me”? After that I did not explain I let the results show the non believers and I quickly became a results junky.


           Now understanding how God will use the insignificant to do the impossible.


These years later, many miracles have passed and many have witnessed the simplistic ways of being well.

Today Barbara is a speaker, lecturer and an ordained minister, facilitator of light medicine and researcher, healing and assisting in people’s recovery from sickness, pain and illness.


In the last several years the natural powers of heart healing brought forth more healing from my mind and from my hands as this love developed the hands of healing light began to surface so I took some instruction and found that this is natural and that as was taught you do not have to stand a certain way or put your spine in a postion of running energy and you do not have to do anything to have healing hands of light.... It happens with a healing heart and the intention to mend using a higher consciousness co-exist. 

It is more than what we are or give that makes us an instrument of power to be used....be unattached to the outcome and allow the higher forces to do the work you are but a vessel to be worked through.

This stimulated more auditory knowing and higher direction. The ears of the heart listened and the words were repeated for work with patients to hear the way...and under this direction, a blind faith in source grounded itself in belief for me and a method, not thee way, but a way was established for healing.


Barbara was told by higher source to make the people well and bring those who wanted to know more to the whitest light. Barbara then became an innovative spiritual dowser and works within the soul of the person remarkably deleting all that no longer serves and instills all that is now ready for new growth. Via the guides and those that serve the soul purpose this blessing is instrumental in ending illness and non beneficial beliefs that anchor us in stagnant waters. Thanks to Lillian Swanson at this time my own named mentor I love dearly today and everyday who made sure I got to where I needed to go paying the way and offering more truth. There were many who stepped into my path and were instrumental for God's purpose to get where we are today and I will breathe their light always.


When Light came into her life all else left by admission of her own desires she became a recluse of sorts and studied and read and researched, experienced and taught and learned and spoke and lectured and became The light lady.

Many who did not know what to call her named her adoringly The Lady in Light.

A miraculous woman that heard the other side and took in all the gifts and mysteries it offered unafraid of leaving everything behind and giving all thanks to our higher source.

A mother and a grandmother of Caitie who was 11 and Bradley who was 5 and a daughter SommerJane much loved for understanding why she is not home being a mother and a grandmother when so much love is there for them in her heart. Barbara, so grateful for a wonderful, son- in- law who was an excelllent provider, father and husband that tended his family wisely so that she may continue this paved  journey knowing her family is perfectly cared for . 



When today's medicine runs its course and that is all that can be done this is when Barbara Cook gets excited.



                Often you must leave the good behind in order to allow for greatness.


In the work 96% of the people became well under the assistance given using light as a healing tool. One year led to the next and as more and more people came into this divine life to lead her and walk with her on the path that has been paved a golden red, Barbara now shares the true healing works with the people. We have been able to change medicine in the world today. As we place light in the individuals hand and share the knowing we all become well. 14 years later we bring it back to the people like a candle, one candle lights another and that another and we light the way. Together as we share our light we see more clearly.



Barbara states:

Because of what I learned in the past 14 years about Light in the science of the body I believe there is nothing that can not be eliminated in the way of illness and disease. The science of light in the body merely cancels out that which creates sickness.


It is science as we were designed to heal, it activates our own DNA mechanisms for repair and eliminates and rejuvenates disease and illness is then canceled.

It is simple and simply is.


The best is that it is harmless and has no ill side effects; anyone can use it successfully and designed for the people to become well by a much higher power than mine. For me science is God how is one not the other if we added emotional  science to non emotional science inquiry would imclude much more that heals.


My goal has been to make America well there are many producers of light machines and wands that came after me. Some have used my words and my discoveries and  are financed better. But My BioLights are the designated unit designed by the guidance that first spoke to me of changing medicine in the world today.


My website will ever aware of your needs and as finances allow I will show you how to be your own family health care provider.  


Many Blessing, Barbara Cook,


Barbara’s work and dedicated years to healing America has led her Internationally to share the light with others leaving a blaze of light on the pathing to help light the way and finds enjoyment in rowing down the river with you.



1998-2000 lectured and spoke at On the Edge of Medicine seminars and conferences nation wide.


2000-Barbara hosted her own personal 13 week radio talk show called Energetic Medicine from Providence, Rhode Island.


2001 -Was featured on 3 Cable TV programs called Light the Way.


2005- Ordained Minister; Did speaking for the Lightways &Godways seminars and weekly talks for Friday Night Forums in Naples, Florida 


2006-Now recently nominated and accredited in the Honors Edition of Cambridge Who’s Who in America; Barbara’s work is recognized and associated with honor distinction and achievement Nationwide.


2008- From 2006 and currently Barbara talks and lectures in several states sharing the ways of Light Medicine and now adding more Godways. Barbara is not embarrassed to say who lights her way and speaks often now at talks about her auditory blessing that guides her footsteps from there to here. Often even responding to what makes no sense in order to complete the inspired motive to act. Barbara says, " I practice not having to understand.


In this faith much is observed of the heavenly kingdom promised when you release your limits of Earthly thinking and reasoning to embrace faith. 

Faith is responded to by the Father and prayers are answered by your faith that they will be and if you have requested less than what is perfect for you the favor of God over your life will upgrade you and bless you to a higher more fitting degree for the child of God that you are. Barbara says Our Father wants only for you to shine in his light to walk strong and fearless and share your faith and lead humbly others to the historical path that leads to him.

Barbara preaches with love and comforts with blessed words for those who want to hear and is unafraid to verse His words unto ears that may appear distant yet stand close enough to absorb and take in the ancient love of soul, one to the other.


Today there are several books being written from her guided hand to share. Many with those who purchase her Biolight, or come to her talks, the self health instrument The Biolight is manufactured for your family's healthy future, as God wishes you wellness and prepares for your service..she sacrafices fearlessly her home, her worth, herself to  be blessed or to be a blessing as is requested. She states that often God wishes to bless us but in our earthly reasoning and decision making cancels out the ability to recieve. 


                                                                       Be The Blessing You Wish To See In The World


Future talk dates for talks will be posted on this site as they are arranged. To date Barbara is writing and talking closer to Home which is in Naples, Florida and continues the research she loves putting together the protocols that will heal what medicine today calls non-treatable diesease.  All Prayers welcome .




                                          I am an example of :How God will use the insignificant to do the impossible.


Barbara's writings from the guides and her own influx as you can problably notice is a mix all her own . She speaks the same way. Guidance is ever available as it is for you she repeats often.

Barbara's training and teaching classes of the Sacral Arts with light at the Lightways Seminars will be posted on this site for future interests in Godways.

The mind is as she descibes a distinctive yet simple organ that programs your thinking into experiances of reality.

As is suggested watch your thinking and cultivate your thoughts.... for happiness and joyous experiances. 

Be Blessed, Shine Brightly....