Nerve Regeneration
Nano Technology

Nano Technology

Nano Technology is today the leading support system of the body. It always has been but our own knowledge was then still in subatomic fields. Today we know Nano tech is the multi-million dollar market

The reason, because it can fundamentally improve the human condition by giving us mastery of matter. More specifically Nanotechnology lets us economically arrange atoms in most of the ways allowed by laws of physics or physical law. Sometimes called Molecular Nano technology, or MNT this brings an explosion of new products, new possibilities, new options, new hopes. Computers will be magnitudes more powerful, materials will be remarkably more lightweight and more strong, medical technology will heal and cure, the environment will be restored, humanities dreams can be fulfilled. 

What is NANO Tech?  It is matter, a billionth of a meter...1/100,000th width of a human hair.

Imagine having a microscopic guided missile less than one, one millionth of the width of human hair coursing through the bloodstream seeking the target , searching it out and then destroy it (virus) completely?

This is the frequency of a healthy cell we use in our Biolight unit.  

We can look at canceling things like Hep-C and other viral conditions thought non-controllable.

We may not only be able to control illness and disease thought to be non treatable but we can cancel it naturally with the science of Nano technology:  Light.

My research in this area has been extensive by way of the experiences which brought me these conclusions. To then find science had it all written out for me when I began to research my perfect and unheard of results. This was truly a distinct pleasure and continued in  the research.

As time passes and we have our self health units in every ones possession then we can go on and continue the experiences in NANO therapies that cancel other non treatable illness & disease.    I find that Light brings perfectness in cellular tissue.

Nerve Regeneration

The Biolight when sending its deliverable frequency to the cellular makeup of the damaged cell and bringing the molecules it's own healing energy all can then repair.  This is physical law .

Because the blood can be cleansed we can then avoid any virus. There may be new viruses today but the truth remains when the blood is cleansed and DNA perfect  no virus can remain.  It is like the moss that grows on the North side of a tree. It the tree is turned to a southerly, sunny direction the conditions for moss are no longer favorable. 

Jumping ahead, if light in the proper frequency can rejuvenate cellular tissue to normal exciting the mitochondria of the cell as science claims it also can advance the restoration for nerve damage as it photo repairs. In this science can address our 21st century health conditions better and the many brain irregularities can be improved and or repaired completely. We can get excited about ADD and Autism too as it reversed. It has been very successful twice and only attempted twice but I think there is significance in this indeed.  I am interested in the research and will allow others to do the treatments. We truly are the future of wellness and it is time to get excited about a real medicine doing no harm in our future and the dangers that our technologies have created can be eliminated.

 Light in the proper frequency brings the cell into it's perfect DNA blueprint . It is science, it is the Physical Law of Science...and therefore is uncontradicted. We can rearrange molecules, there is not an argument  based purely on physical Law that shows or even suggest impossibility.

I have completed and found effective results in my work and study through human experience and have found truth of nerve regeneration many times in many arenas . We can mend and repair damaged nerves. Damaged Spinal Cord repair is not a mystery anymore. Stem cell regeneration is not a mystery anymore.

There is a handful of Pioneers that have concluded that such regeneration is possible. The tools are at hand . You are given such a tool. The questions are known, and the investigations into the healings are well understood....

So let us be well.

Please, think more on the difference this makes and share...

The future is here and we are who we have been waiting for, be pleased.