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The Science of Light Medicine

Biolight Medicine Training, Classes, Courses & Fees                     

                                                       Marco Island, Florida                                                                              


Facilitator Levels:

Level 1 Teaches basic Photonic studies and certifies apprenticeship as an accomplished facilitator able to  assist in Light sessions, 101 student must pass Level 1 testing for certification.              ($795.)                                                                                               

Level 2  Advanced Facilitator classes with apprentice hours that teach and reinforce basic Photonics as a Light Medicine Facilitator. Level 2 testing must be passed to certify.                                       ($795)                                                                

Level 3  Offers, Hands of the Heart Healing introducing the Sacral Arts soon to be an Academy of Awareness & Insights. Know your patient from inside out by learning to hear and to know and by sharing in this sacral way,  Whole health can mend a soul. Many illness are from a broken spirit and  we can help. Are you auditory, can you see ? Are you a knower? In BLM training you may find your gifts appear naturally. After all we are healing the whole person and in this we are healed.     ($795)                                                                      

                                              This completes the Bio-Photonic Specialist level

Future Choices for employment at  BLM

 Directing computerized self health program

 Now...Teacher, training and treating positions

Now...Seminar training for those who desire travel in their employment with BLM 

Online Q & A programs for Grads with computer skills


Start Time: MAy 14, 2014

Course Times

Because we are pioneering a new paradigm in health and this has never been taught before it is unclear as to how long it will take to make the shift. With no way of telling I will assume each level may be as long as 4-6 weeks. There will be hands on training as well as book study.

There will be breaks here and there for processing and absorption. 

These mind changes are personally healing and as personal awareness comes in light you too are made more well and any processing time will be valuable to you also.

Class Times

                     Class time can be discussed more at the Orientation April 12th

I will try to make class hours practical for those who are selected to attend BLM courses and avoid an early a.m. class for those who must travel. Tentitive times are as follows.

 Start time :            9:30 to 12:30

Lunch Break:        12:30 to 2:20

 Resume Class      2:30 to 5:30

Spare time can be used to review or walk Marco Island, a beautiful area with many lunch spots to enjoy and a lovely park for meditative silence.

I understand we all have different clocks and I hope we can benefit from that very fact and place people where they choose to be to do their best good.

 Week Days For Classes

                                 To be discussed at the orientation

Again, because we are the beginning and there is an unknown factor we can discuss preferences after interviews. Here ar e my thoughts

 I choose to teach Thursday through Saturday.

Perhaps Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday is better.  Depending on how the information is absorbed and retained will matter greatly.  We may need more days or use the extra day to take clients and do hands on light sessions early. We will spend time doing client interview rehearsals. We are not doctors and do not need the information gathering that doctors require. However do ask question understanding how emotions relate to disease and illness as well as injury ect.

In completion of the testing and testing systems for patient protocols the graduate student is then qualified and skilled for working within our facility by then in Naples Fl. at The Science of Light Medicne  ( SOLM ) Treatment Facility .

Our BP (BioPhotonic) Specialists will work at our area locations in our healing spaces with clients under the employ of Biolight Medicine Associates working with the injured, ill and infirmed of all ages from all over the world as Naples and Marco Island have international cliental. It will not be soon before BLMC extends our care to other countries with healing centers there.

There is a light worker in the Congo of Africa and also in the Tundra of Alaska who will need teachers to teach Light Medicine where people have no medicine and no doctors. Perhaps one day we can send our own Light Medicine team to these places where we are needed so badly.  We know that if it is our dream it will be created.

Subject courses


Light Medicine Science

Psionic Medicine (the causation of diseases)

Epigenetic Medix Control

Biophotonics (the biology of Light  in the body)

Electrical Nutrition

The Body Electrics


What you'll have  learned

What are Photons, nanometers, frequencies hertz? Who Is Tina Karu? What is her work?

You will have know answers to Most Asked Questions in Facilitators guide about Light Science

You will be well versed in the vocabulary of Light as a science. You'll  know what  NASA knows about Light science as medicne from who they learned it from. You'll know how to respond when someone says, " WHY Light"? You 'll know how was it discovered, rediscovered,  and what  emotions have to do with diesese and illness and how to effect that.  Why this frequency, you'll learn that You will see disease reverse and illness be eliminated and learn how and why it is so.

Because I do not like school or classes I will make it interesting and fun to learn because this excites me and in order to do what we do, we must learn and we must train. We will read and train and retain more easily with Light in our own bodies making it easier to excel!

You need no special training however integrity is the 1st characteristic I will look for.

Next step

Light Science

For future programs in Light Science accomplished Facilitator Level 3, must test out, graduate& have done 2 workshops that are required for advanced study and have worked with BLMC for at least one year.

A fee of $300 per year per graduate to stay complete and updated to current findings as research is ever present and ongoing.

           Bio-Photonic Specialist may earn management points for Franchise availability.


A Note From Barbara

The Future is Here

As the business of healthfulness is expanding at BLMC many other areas of employment are arising that accentuate the gifts and talents of our Graduates and because we do not graduate a student because they have completed a class but because they have excelled in their studies and found repeated and consistent, positive results.

This means our graduates will hold a very special respect among peers and clients as official Bio-Photonic managers of health. (BioPhotonic Specialists) With 97% effectiveness this extremely rare ability will see you employed in any of the states you choose as we establish and add Light Medicine to hundreds of facilities through out the country in the next few years, perhaps even your own franchise one day.  

If you had a dream I hope it has become clear and you can see your self expanding true wellness through out the planet for that has been the mission I was set on 16 years ago. Now we join and I need your integrity, your kind heart and intellectual thinking that can see, we have been chosen and that  it is time to begin.

I hope that at Biolight Medicine you will seek your highest level because your best will make us great and me very proud.

Commit, dedicate and learn well the teaching from The Science of Light Medicine and you will understand the way the body breaks down and thus know how to assist in it’s recovery. You’ll know how the brain really works and that the mind is not even in the head at all but in the energy field collecting data. and you will learn the science behind it, to speak it and teach it and use it’s benefits. You will learn the processing of the mind to the body and the spiritual connection that reinforces the two as the body rejects everything that is less than it’s own DNA blueprint. You will see disease reverse and illness eliminate itself while correcting non beneficial thinking.

You will love what you do.

Welcome, we are building a place to heal people of the world today and sharing it with those who have great need of this learning so we may all be well. We are the new paradigm in medicine.

With Great Respect,

Sincerely and Dearly, Barbara Cook

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