Human Salt Requirements
Introducing the Human Body

How and where to begin;  Today in America we have paid for science making profit on our health conditions and this is one area that you may want to become aware of where as it has such potential to determine the benefits or the non-benefits of salt in true science.

In lay terms so, we may not only understand it ourselves but also be able to talk about it for others to learn. The information I am being guided to share is important to the health and cellular activity that creates the wellness in you.... Ready?

First the work was done by someone other than myself. It is in a book called Human Energy Systems by Jack Schwarz the work is wonderful. I hope it helps you make good choices for yourself.

Here are just a few principals mentioned that can help us be better informed first, get Jack's book it is inexpensive and may have to be ordered. It is an older one,1979 but also a time when the truth could be told. When no one was selling anything but only providing encouraging and appreciated information. It was information that was not shielded nor misrepresented as the truth so often is today.

As most people know we are unable to advertise the actual benefit of herbs and alternative therapies because the FDA does not allow us to mention positive actions of these products. But yet when we listen to the ads for prescriptions today we shudder to make a choice to accept what it is they offer as safe often causing death in many Americans. Medicine is embarrassing today in the USA.

Is that not a farce, to be ashamed of  America's illneses? No wonder Europeans call us stupid Americans. A country as high tech as ours spending fortunes on research and yet we are the sickest nation in the world. Rather than investigating real remedies that have reasonable potential with methods and results as old as mother time our research money is spent on chemicals known to cause alterations in the functioning systems causing more damage than good. In a years time of this altering condition produced by drugs other systems can then break down and spiral out of control.

Still FDA, warns and prevents effective alternatives to disclose the natural benefits that Earth offers of nature's first medicines that do no harm and are desiigned to heal. 

Many Americans are now aware that we will heal in the way The Earth Heals, through love & common sense and the vibrations of earth energies.

Cell Salts:

Calcium, has the chief properties of integration, solidification, and crystallization; it is therefore important building block of body tissues.

The principal functions of each of the salt cells, as well as the conditions that may indicate a deficiency or imbalance are now listed so you may discern which of the cell salts you may need to restore for healthy balance in your functioning body and see what you may need to restore your health.

Potassium Phosphate

A constituent of the tissues of the nerves, brain and muscles as well as of blood cells, this salt combines the elements of air and fire. It stimulates the nerve fibers and awakens the protoplasmic activity in the cells. This is the basic salt for brain tissue and nerve fuids. It unclogs the flow of energy, giving a lively tingling to the body. It is the radioactive of all the cell salts, which as well as having a tendency to unite with carbon. This cell salt, which is lacking in many individuals is a stimulating salt, awakening the activity of the whole substantial self.  Deficiency symptoms include mental weakness, depression, irritability, nervousness, sometimes general debility, neuralgic pains, This cell salt is often used to counter nervous indigestion and nervous headache.

The organs that require this are adrenals, medulla, brain, hair, heart, pineal, pituitary. The dietary sources are: beans (legumes) dried fruit,(nonsulferized only) all grains, green vegetable leaves, seaweed, and all nuts.

Potassium sulfate 

Promotes the formation of oils in the body; softens and lubricates tissues, breaks up solid deposits, keeps the pores open, ejects oil, and encourages, perspiration. This salt has a great affinity for the skin and mucous menbranes;acting both as a lubricant and as a healer through it's promotion of oil secretions. Good for minor skin eruptions, bronchial catarrh. Disturbances of the balance of this cell salt are characterized by yellowish, slimy secretions, yellow coated tongue, indigestion, secretions from the eyes, ears, and nose with yellowish color. Also excellent for calcium deposits in combination with silicea.


This oxide of Siliconis is the only cell salt that is not a double cell salt,composed of two mineral elements. Silicea is an integral part of the structure of plants and to a lesser extent to animals and humans. It can assume a variety of crystalline formations and so imparts strength and integration to the body. It is a constituent of bones, joints, glands, skin, and mucous surfaces. Silicea functions as a electrical insulator and purifies the system by controllling the normal molecular flow, keeping the organisms in rhythmic balance. It gives firmness and vibrancy to the nerves and tissues. It exerts a cleasing and healing action. Symtoms calling for Silicea include catarrhal conditions, of the respiratory organs with offensive puslike discharge, offensive characteristic secretions, skin eruptions with discharges, suppurative conditions that are slow to heal, small wounds that are slow to heal.

So, rather than removing cell salts from your diet perhaps removing chemicals could be more helpful to your health............Put the Mad Food Chemists out of business.

                                        EAT REAL FOOD, Experience REAL HEALTH....

Question? Should we be able and have the right to be served truth in the media about our health, about our bodies, and how to maintain them or repair them?

Should we be able to decide what remedies we would partake of in the repair and maintenance of our bodies?

Yes, I believe, my body is mine on loan from the one that designed it and Government should have no say in the uniqueness that I find that benefits it's best condition. I need no babysitter to my own choices!

You should be allowed your own common sense to guide you as well. Although my grandfather use to say common sense ain't all that common ya know.