Spiritual Dowsing
Letting Life In

Barbara Cook, Bio- Molecular Healer

Light Specialist and Spiritual Dowser       




Spiritual Dowsing is a method of tapping into the Akashic records to create and to undo non-beneficial beliefs that hinder the souls growth.


When we are able to instantly by way of the soul’s choice to release what it is that no longer serves you. We are allowed to sing loudly and fly to unlimited destinations in our own being.


Candace Pert’s, Neuroscientist, PhD, won the Nobel Prize for discovering that all emotions have a separate frequency and that all disease has a separate frequency and that unresolved emotions cause these to fluctuate and cause ease or dis-ease in the body. Her works  proved that illness caused by non-beneficial beliefs and emotions was widely shown to be accurate and consistent. Because of this outstanding work we may now eliminate much of what troubles us by deleting the belief behind the cause that alters our health.


Barbara's clients have been successful in understanding that within themselves they are able to eliminate and delete non-beneficial thinking that causes negative outcomes in our lives. Privately and thoroughly as this is a form of prayer work affected by the soul for your higher and better purpose.


SO, LETS STOP IT...-----------everything that is not for your best and higher good.

Shall we delete, remove and eliminate what is hindering your soul growth and otherwise good intentions? Things from child hood that are still there that we have no use for, the processed information programmed without knowing can now be deleted like computer data. We can delete what we do not need, known & unknown to us. There is much in the unknown as we know...

                   Delete and eliminate non-beneficial beliefs

that dictates thinking, reactions and emotions


A Dowsing Session is $85.00   You May Call 239-777-4578  This form of healing can be done by phone although I prefer the human presence that represents the soul…Be Blessed