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Thought Therapy

Oct 17, 2007

Thought Therapy
Life as the tide has destination as we push the river we
disallow our very worth from glowing . The river has
destination do not push the river but let it flow. Through
the rough, white water and rapids to the gentle, cool
resting shore.
We are a rain drop in the river going to the sea. We are
separately ,together sharing the ride.
If ,as we now know; our thoughts and on going thinking
manifests into the physical then so, shall we cultivate our
thinking and think only of what we want and never of what
we do not want .
The emotional thought is sent off like a rocket to
become............so enjoy, joy.
Be giving and allow the good feelings to become your roots
for glowing and as experiences become enjoyable you may
expect more of what you think of. So choose your thoughts
and wrap them in emotions of greatness and worth.
You start by thinking only the good stuff and delete all
that does not serve your good. Create your thoughts by
wishing hard and believing true in all that was ever said
of good. Count on it as fact that it is more fun to have a
warm heart and good thoughts than all else earth
offers.... the spirit of good lives in us... Cultivate it
,feed it .. and let it become.
When you are loving all of life and all is good we often
forget to bless others who are in the learning passage of
living. Some stumble and perhaps fall.... I do not wish or
pray their fate away but ask that they open to recieve what
it is they are resisting. I pray that a more graceful
awareness come over them that the lessons not be harsh.
The harsh lessons come upon us because we often escape the
lesser forms of divine direction set to guide us upward to
If we listen to society and live in societies consciousness
than we would believe all that the media and news articles
say about life and how to live it.
When you raise your consciousness and find your bliss in
truthful knowing , when you find your discernment and know
that you know; you then do not need any authority to tell
you how to eat healthy, how to turn your mate on.... or
how to raise your child to be productive. There are many
things you do not need to be told when you magnify the spot
of light inside your heart to reflect your higher knowing.
It is love , it has only ever been love and in love is
truth.... Find this in yourself before you give it to
others.. How can you love another if you have yet not found
it within, where it connects to source.
Society has led our young to a place of artificial love,
artificial food, artificial feelings and an unjustified
self glorification. This disenables the heart to know truth
so they take others truth in to be their own. They adopt
what they do not take the time to find within themselves.
Why happiness evades them. It is not their
truth but that of another.
If anything, what we should know for ourselves is, to know
love for the sake of loving and that loving others is for
our sake. ....Often we must lead in order to follow... as
we lead by example we too become.
Sometimes in the silence more is heard.
Speak softly in your heart so everyone may hear.
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